l.r.i.webservice : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.interfaces

All the interfaces that are exposed through the webservice.
Interface IServiceFactory Interface representing a factory used to access named services.
Interface ICommercialSubscription A Commercial Subscription for a Product.
Interface IDistribution An operating system distribution.
Interface IDistributionSet Interface for DistrosSet
Interface IDistributionMirror A mirror of a given distribution.
Interface IDistributionSourcePackage Represents a source package in a distribution.
Class DerivationError Raised when there is a problem deriving a distroseries.
Interface IDistroSeries A series of an operating system distribution.
Interface IDistroSeriesDifference An interface for a package difference between two distroseries.
Interface IDistroSeriesDifferenceComment A comment for a distroseries difference record.
Interface IGPGKey OpenPGP support
Interface IIrcID A person's nickname on an IRC network.
Interface IJabberID Jabber specific user ID
Interface IHasMilestones An interface for classes providing milestones.
Interface IMilestone Actual interface for milestones.
Interface IProjectGroupMilestone A marker interface for milestones related to a project
Interface IPerson A Person.
Interface IPersonSet The set of Persons.
Interface ITeam A group of people and other teams.
Interface IPillar An object that might be a project, a project group, or a distribution.
Interface IPillarNameSet An object for searching across projects, project groups, and distros.
Interface IProduct A Product.
Interface IProductSet No interface docstring; 2/2 attributes, 22/22 methods documented
Interface IProductRelease A specific release (i.e. version) of a product.
Interface IProductReleaseFile A file associated with a ProductRelease.
Interface IProductSeries A series of releases. For example '2.0' or '1.3' or 'dev'.
Interface ITimelineProductSeries Minimal product series info for the timeline.
Interface IProjectGroup A ProjectGroup.
Interface IProjectGroupSet The collection of projects.
Interface ISharingService No interface docstring; 25/25 methods documented
Interface ISourcePackage A source package associated to a particular distribution series.
Interface ISourcePackageName Interface provied by a SourcePackageName.
Interface ISSHKey SSH public key
Interface ITeamMembership TeamMembership for Users.
Interface IWikiName Wiki for Users
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