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A series of an operating system distribution.

Inherited from IDistroSeriesEditRestricted:

Method newMilestone Create a new milestone for this DistroSeries.
Method initDerivedDistroSeries Initialize this series from parents.

Inherited from IDistroSeriesPublic:

Attribute id The distroseries's unique number.
Attribute displayname Display name (deprecated)
Attribute distributionID The distribution ID.
Attribute named_version The combined display name and version.
Attribute parent The structural parent of this series - the distro
Attribute components The series components.
Attribute upload_components The series components that can be uploaded to.
Attribute sections The series sections.
Attribute sourcecount Source Packages Counter
Bool defer_translation_imports Suspends any translation imports for this series
Attribute binarycount Binary Packages Counter
Attribute architecturecount The number of architectures in this series.
Attribute messagecount The total number of translatable items in this series.
Attribute distroserieslanguages The set of dr-languages in this series.
Bool hide_all_translations Undocumented
Choice language_pack_base Language pack with the export of all translations
Choice language_pack_delta Language pack with the export of all translation updates
Choice language_pack_proposed Base or update language pack export that is being tested and
Object last_full_language_pack_exported Undocumented
Object last_delta_language_pack_exported Undocumented
Attribute packagings All of the Packaging entries for this distroseries.
Attribute specifications The specifications targeted to this series.
Attribute language_packs All language packs associated with this distribution series.
Bool backports_not_automatic Set NotAutomatic: yes and ButAutomaticUpgrades: yes in Release
Bool inherit_overrides_from_parents Undocumented
Method isUnstable Whether or not a distroseries is unstable.
Method getLatestUploads Return the latest five source uploads for this DistroSeries.
Attribute architectures All architectures in this series.
Attribute virtualized_architectures All architectures in this series where PPA is supported.
Attribute buildable_architectures All architectures in this series with available chroot tarball.
Method __getitem__ Return the distroarchseries for this distroseries with the
Method __str__ Return the name of the distroseries.
Method getDistroArchSeriesByProcessor Return the distroarchseries for this distroseries with the
Method getDistroArchSeries Return the distroarchseries for this distroseries with the
Method updateStatistics Update all the Rosetta stats for this distro series.
Method updatePackageCount Update the binary and source package counts for this distro
Method getSourcePackage Return a source package in this distro series by name.
Method getTranslatableSourcePackages Return a list of Source packages in this distribution series
Method getPrioritizedUnlinkedSourcePackages Return a list of package summaries that need packaging links.
Method getPrioritizedPackagings Return a list of packagings that need more upstream information.
Method getMostRecentlyLinkedPackagings Return a list of packagings that are the most recently linked.
Method getPackageUploads Get package upload records for this distribution series.
Method getUnlinkedTranslatableSourcePackages Return a list of source packages that can be translated in
Method getBinaryPackage Return a DistroSeriesBinaryPackage for this name.
Method getCurrentSourceReleases Get the current release of a list of source packages.
Method getPublishedSources Return the SourcePackagePublishingHistory(s)
Method getAllPublishedSources Return all currently published sources for the distroseries.
Method getAllUncondemnedSources Return all uncondemned sources for the distroseries.
Method getAllPublishedBinaries Return all currently published binaries for the distroseries.
Method getAllUncondemnedBinaries Return all uncondemned binaries for the distroseries.
Method getDistroSeriesLanguage Return the DistroSeriesLanguage for this distroseries and the
Method getDistroSeriesLanguageOrDummy Return the DistroSeriesLanguage for this distroseries and the
Method createUploadedSourcePackageRelease Create an uploads SourcePackageRelease.
Method getComponentByName Get the named component.
Method getSectionByName Get the named section.
Method addSection SQLObject provided method to fill a related join key section.
Method getBinaryPackagePublishing Get BinaryPackagePublishings in a DistroSeries.
Method getSourcePackagePublishing Return a selectResult of ISourcePackagePublishingHistory.
Method searchPackages Search through the packge cache for this distroseries and return
Method createQueueEntry Create a queue item attached to this distroseries.
Method newArch Create a new port or DistroArchSeries for this DistroSeries.
Method getPOFileContributorsByLanguage People who translated strings to the given language.
Method getSuite Return the suite for this distro series and the given pocket.
Method isSourcePackageFormatPermitted Check if the specified source format is allowed in this series.
Method getDerivedSeries Get all DistroSeries derived from this one.
Method getParentSeries Get all parent DistroSeries.
Method getDifferencesTo Return the differences between this series and the specified
Method isDerivedSeries Is this series a derived series?
Method isInitializing Is this series initializing?
Method isInitialized Has this series been initialized?
Method getInitializationJob Get the last IInitializeDistroSeriesJob for this series.
Method getDifferenceComments Get IDistroSeriesDifferenceComment items.

Inherited from IHasDrivers (via IDistroSeriesPublic, ISeriesMixin):

Attribute drivers A list of drivers
Method personHasDriverRights Does the given person have launchpad.Driver rights on this object?

Inherited from IHasAppointedDriver (via IDistroSeriesPublic):

Choice driver Undocumented

Inherited from IHasOwner (via IDistroSeriesPublic):

Attribute owner The object's owner, which is an IPerson.

Inherited from IBugTarget (via IDistroSeriesPublic):

Attribute bugtargetdisplayname A display name for this bug target
Attribute bugtargetname The target as shown in mail notifications.
Attribute pillar The pillar containing this target.
Bool enable_bugfiling_duplicate_search Undocumented
Method createBug Create a new bug on this target.

Inherited from IHasBugs (via IDistroSeriesPublic, IBugTarget):

Method searchTasks Search the IBugTasks reported on this entity.
Method getBugTaskWeightFunction Return a function that is used to weight the bug tasks.

Inherited from ISpecificationTarget (via IDistroSeriesPublic, ISpecificationGoal):

Method getSpecification Returns the specification with the given name, for this target,
Method getAllowedSpecificationInformationTypes Get the InformationTypes for this target's specifications.
Method getDefaultSpecificationInformationType Get the default InformationType for the target's specifications.

Inherited from IHasSpecifications (via IDistroSeriesPublic, ISpecificationGoal, ISpecificationTarget):

Method valid_specifications Valid specifications for this target.

Inherited from IHasMilestones (via IDistroSeriesPublic):

Bool has_milestones Undocumented

Inherited from IHasOfficialBugTags (via IDistroSeriesPublic):

Method getUsedBugTagsWithOpenCounts Return name and bug count of tags having open bugs.
Method _getOfficialTagClause Get the storm clause for finding this targets tags.

Inherited from IHasBuildRecords (via IDistroSeriesPublic):

Method getBuildRecords Return build records in the context it is implemented.

Inherited from IHasTranslationImports (via IDistroSeriesPublic):

Method getFirstEntryToImport Return the first entry of the queue ready to be imported.
Method getTranslationImportQueueEntries Return entries in the translation import queue for this entity.

Inherited from IHasTranslationTemplates (via IDistroSeriesPublic):

Bool has_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_current_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_obsolete_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_sharing_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_translation_files Undocumented
Method getTemplatesCollection Return templates as a TranslationTemplatesCollection.
Method getSharingPartner Return the object on the other side of the packaging link.
Method getCurrentTemplatesCollection Return TranslationTemplatesCollection of current templates.
Method getCurrentTranslationTemplates Return an iterator over all active translation templates.
Method getCurrentTranslationFiles Return an iterator over all active translation files.
Method getTranslationTemplates Return an iterator over all its translation templates.
Method getTranslationTemplateByName Return the template with the given name or None.
Method getTranslationTemplateFormats A list of native formats for all current translation templates.

Inherited from IServiceUsage (via IDistroSeriesPublic):

Choice answers_usage Where does this pillar have an Answers forum?
Choice blueprints_usage Where does this pillar host blueprints?
Choice codehosting_usage Where does this pillar host code?
Choice bug_tracking_usage Where does this pillar track bugs?
Bool uses_launchpad Undocumented

Inherited from IStructuralSubscriptionTargetRead (via IStructuralSubscriptionTarget):

Method getSubscriptions Return all the subscriptions with the specified levels.
Attribute parent_subscription_target The target's parent, or None if one doesn't exist.
Attribute bug_subscriptions All subscriptions to bugs at the METADATA level or higher.
Method userCanAlterSubscription Check if a user can change a subscription for a person.
Method userCanAlterBugSubscription Check if a user can change a bug subscription for a person.
Method getSubscription Return the subscription for person, if it exists.
Attribute target_type_display The type of the target, for display.
Method userHasBugSubscriptions Is user subscribed, directly or via a team, to bug mail?

Inherited from IStructuralSubscriptionTargetWrite (via IStructuralSubscriptionTarget):

Method addSubscription Add a subscription for this structure.
Method addBugSubscription Add a bug subscription for this structure.
Method addBugSubscriptionFilter Add a bug subscription filter for this structure.
Method removeBugSubscription Remove a subscription to bugs from this structure.
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