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Known subclasses: lp.buildmaster.interfaces.builder.IBuilderView, lp.registry.interfaces.distribution.IDistributionPublic, lp.registry.interfaces.distroseries.IDistroSeriesPublic, lp.soyuz.interfaces.archive.IArchiveView, lp.soyuz.interfaces.distroarchseries.IDistroArchSeriesPublic

An Object that has build records
Method getBuildRecords Return build records in the context it is implemented.
@operation_parameters(TextLine(_('Source package name'), False), Choice(_('Build status'), False, _('The status of this build record'), BuildStatus), Choice(_('Pocket'), False, True, _('The pocket into which this entry is published'), PackagePublishingPocket))
@call_with(REQUEST_USER, True)
def getBuildRecords(build_state=None, name=None, pocket=None, arch_tag=None, user=None, binary_only=True):
Return build records in the context it is implemented.

It excludes build records generated by Gina (imported from a external repository), where IBuild.datebuilt is null and IBuild.buildstate is BuildStatus.FULLYBUILT.

The result is simply not filtered if the optional filters are omitted by call sites.

Parametersbuild_stateoptional BuildStatus value for filtering build records;
nameoptional string for filtering build source package name. Sub-string matching is allowed via SQL LIKE.
pocketoptional PackagePublishingPocket value for filtering build records;
arch_tagoptional string for filtering build source packages by their architecture tag;
useroptional IPerson corresponding to the user performing the request. It will filter out build records for which the user have no 'view' permission.
binary_onlyoptional boolean indicating whether only BinaryPackageBuild objects should be returned, or more general PackageBuild objects (which may include, for example, SourcePackageRecipeBuild objects.
Returnsa result set containing IPackageBuild records ordered by descending IPackageBuild.date_finished except when builds are filtered by BuildStatus.NEEDSBUILD, in this case records are ordered by descending BuildQueue.lastscore (dispatching order).
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