l.b.i.s.ISpecificationGoal(ISpecificationTarget) : interface documentation

Part of lp.blueprints.interfaces.specificationtarget View In Hierarchy

Known subclasses: lp.registry.interfaces.distroseries.IDistroSeriesPublic, lp.registry.interfaces.productseries.IProductSeriesView

An interface for those things which can have specifications proposed as goals for them.

Inherited from ISpecificationTarget:

Method getSpecification Returns the specification with the given name, for this target,
Method getAllowedSpecificationInformationTypes Get the InformationTypes for this target's specifications.
Method getDefaultSpecificationInformationType Get the default InformationType for the target's specifications.

Inherited from IHasSpecifications (via ISpecificationTarget):

Method specifications Specifications for this target.
Method valid_specifications Valid specifications for this target.
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