l.b.b.person : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.browser

IPerson browser views related to bugs.
Function get_package_search_url Construct a default search URL for a distributionsourcepackage.
Class PersonBugsMenu Undocumented
Class RelevantMilestonesMixin Mixin to narrow the milestone list to only relevant milestones.
Class BugSubscriberPackageBugsOverView No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class FilteredSearchListingViewMixin Undocumented
Class PersonAssignedBugTaskSearchListingView All bugs assigned to someone.
Class PersonCommentedBugTaskSearchListingView All bugs commented on by a Person.
Class PersonAffectingBugTaskSearchListingView All bugs affecting someone.
Class PersonRelatedBugTaskSearchListingView All bugs related to someone.
Class PersonReportedBugTaskSearchListingView All bugs reported by someone.
Class PersonSubscribedBugTaskSearchListingView All bugs someone is subscribed to.
Class PersonSubscriptionsView All the subscriptions for a person.
Class PersonStructuralSubscriptionsView All the structural subscriptions for a person.
def get_package_search_url(dsp_bugs_url, extra_params=None):
Construct a default search URL for a distributionsourcepackage.

Optional filter parameters can be specified as a dict with the extra_params argument.

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