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Part of lp.bugs

No package docstring
Module bug IBug related view classes.
Module bugalsoaffects No module docstring; 6/13 classes, 1/2 interfaces documented
Module bugattachment Bug attachment views.
Module bugbranch Browser view classes for BugBranch-related objects.
Module bugcomment Bug comment browser view classes.
Module buglinktarget Views for IBugLinkTarget.
Module buglisting IBugTask-related browser views.
Module bugmessage IBugMessage-related browser view classes.
Module bugnomination Browser view classes related to bug nominations.
Module bugsubscription Views for BugSubscription.
Module bugsubscriptionfilter View classes for bug subscription filters.
Module bugsupervisor Browser view for bug supervisor.
Module bugtarget IBugTarget-related browser views.
Module bugtask IBugTask-related browser views.
Module bugtracker Bug tracker views.
Module bugwatch IBugWatch-related browser views.
Module cve CVE views.
Module cvereport Views to generate CVE reports (as in distro & distroseries/+cve pages).
Module malone Browser code for the malone application.
Module person IPerson browser views related to bugs.
Module structuralsubscription No module docstring; 4/5 classes, 4/4 functions documented
Package tests No package docstring; 20/31 modules documented
Package widgets No package docstring; 1/2 modules, 0/1 packages documented
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