l.b.b.bugalsoaffects : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.browser

No module docstring
Class BugAlsoAffectsProductMetaView Undocumented
Class BugAlsoAffectsDistroMetaView Undocumented
Class AlsoAffectsStep Undocumented
Class LinkPackgingMixin Undocumented
Class ChooseProductStep View for choosing a product that is affected by a given bug.
Class BugTaskCreationStep The bug task creation step of the AlsoAffects workflow.
Interface IAddDistroBugTaskForm No interface docstring; 1/1 choices documented
Class DistroBugTaskCreationStep Specialized BugTaskCreationStep for reporting a bug in a distribution.
Class LinkUpstreamHowOptions Undocumented
Interface IAddBugTaskWithUpstreamLinkForm Form for adding an upstream bugtask with linking options.
Class ProductBugTaskCreationStep Specialized BugTaskCreationStep for reporting a bug in an upstream.
Class BugTrackerCreationStep View for creating a bugtracker from the given URL.
Class DistroBugTrackerCreationStep Undocumented
Class UpstreamBugTrackerCreationStep Undocumented
Class BugAlsoAffectsProductWithProductCreationView Register a product and indicate this bug affects it.
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