l.b.b.bug : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.browser

IBug related view classes.
Class BugNavigation Navigation for the IBug.
Class BugSetNavigation Navigation for the IBugSet.
Class BugContextMenu Context menu of actions that can be performed upon a Bug.
Class MaloneView The Bugs front page.
Class BugViewMixin Mix-in class to share methods between bug and portlet views.
Class BugInformationTypePortletView View class for the information type portlet.
Class BugView View class for presenting information about an IBug.
Class BugActivity Undocumented
Class BugSubscriptionPortletDetails A mixin used to collate bug subscription details for a view.
Class BugSubscriptionPortletView View class for the subscription portlet.
Class BugWithoutContextView View that redirects to the new bug page.
Class BugEditViewBase Base class for all bug edit pages.
Class BugEditView The view for the edit bug page.
Class BugMarkAsDuplicateView Page for marking a bug as a duplicate.
Class BugSecrecyEditView Form for marking a bug as a private/public.
Class DeprecatedAssignedBugsView Deprecate the /malone/assigned namespace.
Class BugTextView View for simple text page displaying information for a bug.
Class BugURL Bug URL creation rules.
Class BugAffectingUserChoice The choices for a bug affecting a user.
Interface BugMarkAsAffectingUserForm Form schema for marking the bug as affecting the user.
Class BugMarkAsAffectingUserView Page for marking a bug as affecting the user.
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