l.b.b.bugtarget : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.browser

IBugTarget-related browser views.
Interface IProductBugConfiguration A composite schema for editing bug app configuration.
Function product_to_productbugconfiguration Adapts an IProduct into an IProductBugConfiguration.
Class ProductConfigureBugTrackerView View class to configure the bug tracker for a project.
Class FileBugViewBase Base class for views related to filing a bug.
Class FileBugAdvancedView Browser view for filing a bug.
Interface IDistroBugAddForm Undocumented
Class FilebugShowSimilarBugsView A view for showing possible dupes for a bug.
Class FileBugGuidedView No class docstring; 3/6 methods documented
Class ProjectGroupFileBugGuidedView Guided filebug pages for IProjectGroup.
Class BugTargetBugListingView Helper methods for rendering bug listings.
Class BugTargetBugTagsView Helper methods for rendering the bug tags portlet.
Class OfficialBugTagsManageView View class for management of official bug tags.
Class BugsPatchesView View list of patch attachments associated with bugs.
Class TargetSubscriptionView A view to show all a person's structural subscriptions to a target.
def product_to_productbugconfiguration(product):
Adapts an IProduct into an IProductBugConfiguration.
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