l.r.i.w.IProductSeries(IProductSeriesEditRestricted, IProductSeriesPublic, IProductSeriesView, IProductSeriesLimitedView, IStructuralSubscriptionTarget, IBugTarget) : interface documentation

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A series of releases. For example '2.0' or '1.3' or 'dev'.

Inherited from IProductSeriesEditRestricted:

Method newMilestone Create a new milestone for this ProjectSeries.

Inherited from IProductSeriesPublic:

Int id Undocumented
Method userCanView True if the given user has access to this product.

Inherited from IProductSeriesView:

Attribute parent The structural parent of this series - the product
Attribute release_files An iterator over the release files in this Series, sorted with latest release first.
Attribute packagings An iterator over the Packaging entries for this product series.
Attribute specifications The specifications targeted to this product series.
Attribute sourcepackages List of distribution packages for this product series
Int potemplate_count Undocumented
Attribute productserieslanguages The set of ProductSeriesLanguages for this series.
Method getCachedReleases Gets a cached copy of this series' releases.
Method getLatestRelease Gets the most recent release in the series.
Method getRelease Get the release in this series that has the specified version.
Method getPackage Return the SourcePackage for this project series in the supplied
Method getUbuntuTranslationFocusPackage Return the SourcePackage that packages this project in Ubuntu's
Method setPackaging Create or update a Packaging record for this product series,
Method getPackagingInDistribution Return all the Packaging entries for this product series for the
Method getPOTemplate Return the POTemplate with this name for the series.
Attribute releaseverstyle The version numbering style for this series of releases.
Attribute is_development_focus Is this series the development focus for the product?
Method getTimeline Return basic timeline data useful for creating a diagram.

Inherited from IHasDrivers (via IProductSeriesView, ISeriesMixin):

Attribute drivers A list of drivers
Method personHasDriverRights Does the given person have launchpad.Driver rights on this object?

Inherited from IHasAppointedDriver (via IProductSeriesView):

Choice driver Undocumented

Inherited from IHasOwner (via IProductSeriesView):

Attribute owner The object's owner, which is an IPerson.

Inherited from ISpecificationTarget (via IProductSeriesView, ISpecificationGoal):

Method getSpecification Returns the specification with the given name, for this target,
Method getAllowedSpecificationInformationTypes Get the InformationTypes for this target's specifications.
Method getDefaultSpecificationInformationType Get the default InformationType for the target's specifications.

Inherited from IHasSpecifications (via IProductSeriesView, ISpecificationGoal, ISpecificationTarget):

Method valid_specifications Valid specifications for this target.

Inherited from IHasMilestones (via IProductSeriesView):

Bool has_milestones Undocumented

Inherited from IHasOfficialBugTags (via IProductSeriesView):

Method getUsedBugTagsWithOpenCounts Return name and bug count of tags having open bugs.
Method _getOfficialTagClause Get the storm clause for finding this targets tags.

Inherited from IHasTranslationImports (via IProductSeriesView):

Method getFirstEntryToImport Return the first entry of the queue ready to be imported.
Method getTranslationImportQueueEntries Return entries in the translation import queue for this entity.

Inherited from IHasTranslationTemplates (via IProductSeriesView):

Bool has_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_current_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_obsolete_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_sharing_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_translation_files Undocumented
Method getTemplatesCollection Return templates as a TranslationTemplatesCollection.
Method getSharingPartner Return the object on the other side of the packaging link.
Method getCurrentTemplatesCollection Return TranslationTemplatesCollection of current templates.
Method getCurrentTranslationTemplates Return an iterator over all active translation templates.
Method getCurrentTranslationFiles Return an iterator over all active translation files.
Method getTranslationTemplates Return an iterator over all its translation templates.
Method getTranslationTemplateByName Return the template with the given name or None.
Method getTranslationTemplateFormats A list of native formats for all current translation templates.

Inherited from IServiceUsage (via IProductSeriesView):

Choice answers_usage Where does this pillar have an Answers forum?
Choice blueprints_usage Where does this pillar host blueprints?
Choice codehosting_usage Where does this pillar host code?
Choice bug_tracking_usage Where does this pillar track bugs?
Bool uses_launchpad Undocumented

Inherited from IProductSeriesLimitedView:

Attribute productID The product ID.

Inherited from IStructuralSubscriptionTargetRead (via IStructuralSubscriptionTarget):

Method getSubscriptions Return all the subscriptions with the specified levels.
Attribute parent_subscription_target The target's parent, or None if one doesn't exist.
Attribute bug_subscriptions All subscriptions to bugs at the METADATA level or higher.
Method userCanAlterSubscription Check if a user can change a subscription for a person.
Method userCanAlterBugSubscription Check if a user can change a bug subscription for a person.
Method getSubscription Return the subscription for person, if it exists.
Attribute target_type_display The type of the target, for display.
Method userHasBugSubscriptions Is user subscribed, directly or via a team, to bug mail?

Inherited from IStructuralSubscriptionTargetWrite (via IStructuralSubscriptionTarget):

Method addSubscription Add a subscription for this structure.
Method addBugSubscription Add a bug subscription for this structure.
Method addBugSubscriptionFilter Add a bug subscription filter for this structure.
Method removeBugSubscription Remove a subscription to bugs from this structure.

Inherited from IBugTarget:

Attribute bugtargetdisplayname A display name for this bug target
Attribute bugtargetname The target as shown in mail notifications.
Attribute pillar The pillar containing this target.
Bool enable_bugfiling_duplicate_search Undocumented
Method createBug Create a new bug on this target.

Inherited from IHasBugs (via IBugTarget):

Method searchTasks Search the IBugTasks reported on this entity.
Method getBugTaskWeightFunction Return a function that is used to weight the bug tasks.
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