l.r.i.w.IProductRelease(IProductReleaseEditRestricted, IProductReleaseView, IProductReleasePublic) : interface documentation

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A specific release (i.e. version) of a product.

For example: Mozilla 1.7.2 or Apache 2.0.48.

Inherited from IProductReleaseEditRestricted:

Method addReleaseFile Add file to the library and link to this IProductRelease.
Method destroySelf Delete this release.

Inherited from IProductReleaseView:

Attribute productseries This release's parent series.
Attribute can_have_release_files Whether release files can be added.
Method getFileAliasByName Return the LibraryFileAlias by file name.
Method getProductReleaseFileByName Return the ProductReleaseFile by file name.
Method hasReleaseFile Does the release have a file that matches the name?

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