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A source package associated to a particular distribution series.

Inherited from ISourcePackagePublic:

Attribute displayname Display name (deprecated)
Attribute path A path to this package, <distro>/<series>/<package>
Attribute title Title.
Attribute summary A description of the binary packages built from this package.
Attribute format Source Package Format. This is the format of the current source package release for this name in this distribution or distroseries. Calling this when there is no current sourcepackagerelease will raise an exception.
Attribute distinctreleases Return a distinct list of sourcepackagepublishinghistory for this source package.
Attribute sourcepackagename SourcePackageName
Attribute releases The full set of source package releases that have been published in this distroseries under this source package name. The list should be sorted by version number.
Attribute currentrelease The latest published SourcePackageRelease
Attribute direct_packaging Return the Packaging record that is explicitly for this distroseries and source package name, or None if such a record does not exist. You should probably use ISourcePackage.packaging, which will also look through the distribution ancestry to find a relevant packaging record.
Attribute packaging The best Packaging record we have for this source package. If we have one for this specific distroseries and sourcepackagename, it will be returned, otherwise we look for a match in parent and ubuntu distro seriess.
Attribute published_by_pocket The set of source package releases currently published in this distro series, organised by pocket. The result is a dictionary, with the pocket dbschema as a key, and a list of {'spr': source package release, 'component_name': component name} as the value.
Attribute linked_branches A mapping of pockets to officially linked branches, ordered by pocket enum value.
Attribute development_version This package on the distro's current series.
Attribute distribution_sourcepackage The IDistributionSourcePackage for this source package.
Attribute drivers The drivers for the distroseries for this source package.
Attribute owner The owner of the distroseries for this source package.
Method __hash__ Sourcepackage hash method.
Method __eq__ Sourcepackage comparison method.
Method __ne__ Sourcepackage comparison method.
Method setPackaging Update the existing packaging record, or create a new packaging
Method setPackagingReturnSharingDetailPermissions Like setPackaging(), but returns getSharingDetailPermissions().
Method deletePackaging Delete the packaging for this sourcepackage.
Method getSharingDetailPermissions Return a dictionary of user permissions for +sharing-details page.
Method getSuiteSourcePackage Return the ISuiteSourcePackage for this package in 'pocket'.
Method getPocketPath Get the path to the given pocket of this package.
Method getBranch Get the official branch for this package in the given pocket.
Object latest_published_component Undocumented
Method get_default_archive Get the default archive of this package.
Method getLatestTranslationsUploads Find latest Translations tarballs as produced by Soyuz.
Method linkedBranches Get the official branches for this package.

Inherited from IBugTarget (via ISourcePackagePublic):

Attribute bugtargetdisplayname A display name for this bug target
Attribute bugtargetname The target as shown in mail notifications.
Attribute pillar The pillar containing this target.
Bool enable_bugfiling_duplicate_search Undocumented
Method createBug Create a new bug on this target.

Inherited from IHasBugs (via ISourcePackagePublic, IBugTarget):

Method searchTasks Search the IBugTasks reported on this entity.
Method getBugTaskWeightFunction Return a function that is used to weight the bug tasks.

Inherited from IHasBranches (via ISourcePackagePublic):

Method getBranches Returns all branches with the given lifecycle status.

Inherited from IHasMergeProposals (via ISourcePackagePublic):

Method getMergeProposals Returns all merge proposals of a given status.

Inherited from IHasOfficialBugTags (via ISourcePackagePublic):

Method getUsedBugTagsWithOpenCounts Return name and bug count of tags having open bugs.
Method _getOfficialTagClause Get the storm clause for finding this targets tags.

Inherited from IHasCodeImports (via ISourcePackagePublic):

Method newCodeImport Create a new code import.

Inherited from IHasTranslationImports (via ISourcePackagePublic):

Method getFirstEntryToImport Return the first entry of the queue ready to be imported.
Method getTranslationImportQueueEntries Return entries in the translation import queue for this entity.

Inherited from IHasTranslationTemplates (via ISourcePackagePublic):

Bool has_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_current_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_obsolete_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_sharing_translation_templates Undocumented
Bool has_translation_files Undocumented
Method getTemplatesCollection Return templates as a TranslationTemplatesCollection.
Method getSharingPartner Return the object on the other side of the packaging link.
Method getCurrentTemplatesCollection Return TranslationTemplatesCollection of current templates.
Method getCurrentTranslationTemplates Return an iterator over all active translation templates.
Method getCurrentTranslationFiles Return an iterator over all active translation files.
Method getTranslationTemplates Return an iterator over all its translation templates.
Method getTranslationTemplateByName Return the template with the given name or None.
Method getTranslationTemplateFormats A list of native formats for all current translation templates.

Inherited from IHasDrivers (via ISourcePackagePublic):

Method personHasDriverRights Does the given person have launchpad.Driver rights on this object?

Inherited from ISourcePackageEdit:

Method setBranch Set the official branch for the given pocket of this package.
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