l.c.i.h.IHasCodeImports(Interface) : interface documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.registry.interfaces.product.IProductView, lp.registry.interfaces.sourcepackage.ISourcePackagePublic, lp.registry.interfaces.webservice.IDistributionSourcePackage

Some things can have code imports that target them.

This interface defines the common methods that for working with them.

Method newCodeImport Create a new code import.
@operation_parameters(TextLine(_('Name of branch to create'), True), Choice(RevisionControlSystems, True), Choice(TargetRevisionControlSystems), TextLine(_('Foreign VCS URL')), TextLine(_('CVS root URL')), TextLine(_('CVS module to import')), Reference(_('Owner of the resulting branch'), Interface))
@export_factory_operation(Interface, )
def newCodeImport(registrant=None, branch_name=None, rcs_type=None, target_rcs_type=None, url=None, cvs_root=None, cvs_module=None, owner=None):
Create a new code import.
ParametersregistrantThe IPerson to record as the registrant of the import.
branch_nameThe name of the branch or repository to create.
rcs_typeThe type of the foreign VCS.
target_rcs_typeThe type of the branch or repository to create (Bazaar or Git).
urlThe URL to import from if the VCS type uses a single URL (i.e. isn't CVS).
cvs_rootThe CVSROOT for a CVS import.
cvs_moduleThe module to import for a CVS import.
ownerWho should own the created branch or repository, or None for it to be the same as the registrant, or the caller over the API.
ReturnsAn instance of ICodeImport.
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