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Module branch Branch interfaces.
Module branchcollection A collection of branches.
Module branchhosting Interface for communication with the Loggerhead API.
Module branchjob BranchJob interfaces.
Module branchlink Interfaces for linking Specifications and Branches.
Module branchlookup Utility for looking up branches by name.
Module branchmergeproposal The interface for branch merge proposals.
Module branchnamespace Interface for a branch namespace.
Module branchpuller The public interface to the model of the branch puller.
Module branchref No module docstring; 1/1 interfaces documented
Module branchrevision BranchRevision interfaces.
Module branchsubscription Bazaar branch subscription interfaces.
Module branchtarget Interface for branch targets.
Module codehosting Internal Codehosting API interfaces.
Module codeimport Code import interfaces.
Module codeimportevent Code import audit trail interfaces.
Module codeimportjob Interfaces and enumeratrions for CodeImportJobs.
Module codeimportmachine Code import machine interfaces.
Module codeimportresult Interface classes for CodeImportResult, i.e. completed code import jobs.
Module codeimportscheduler Code import scheduler interfaces.
Module codereviewcomment CodeReviewComment interfaces.
Module codereviewinlinecomment Interfaces for inline comments with preview diffs.
Module codereviewvote CodeReviewVoteReference interface.
Module defaultgit Interface for objects that have a default Git repository.
Module diff Interfaces including and related to IDiff.
Module event Interfaces for events used in the launchpad code application.
Module gitactivity Git repository activity logs.
Module gitapi Interfaces for internal Git APIs.
Module gitcollection A collection of Git repositories.
Module githosting Interface for communication with the Git hosting service.
Module gitjob GitJob interfaces.
Module gitlookup Utility for looking up Git repositories by name.
Module gitnamespace Interface for a Git repository namespace.
Module gitref Git reference ("ref") interfaces.
Module gitrepository Git repository interfaces.
Module gitrule Git repository access rules.
Module gitsubscription Git repository subscription interfaces.
Module hasbranches Interface definitions for IHas<code related bits>.
Module hasgitrepositories Interfaces relating to targets of Git repositories.
Module hasrecipes Interface definitions for IHasRecipes.
Module linkedbranch Interface for objects that have a linked branch.
Module revision Revision interfaces.
Module revisioncache A collection of revisions.
Module seriessourcepackagebranch Interface for linking source packages in distroseries to branches.
Module sourcepackagerecipe Interface of the SourcePackageRecipe content type.
Module sourcepackagerecipebuild Interfaces for source package builds.
Package tests Tests for code found in lp.code.interfaces.
Module webservice All the interfaces that are exposed through the webservice.
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