l.c.i.webservice : module documentation

Part of lp.code.interfaces

All the interfaces that are exposed through the webservice.

There is a declaration in ZCML somewhere that looks like:
<webservice:register module="lp.code.interfaces.webservice" />

which tells lazr.restful that it should look for webservice exports here.

Class BranchCreatorNotMemberOfOwnerTeam Branch creator is not a member of the owner team.
Class BranchCreatorNotOwner A user cannot create a branch belonging to another user.
Class BranchExists Raised when creating a branch that already exists.
Class BranchMergeProposalExists Raised if there is already a matching BranchMergeProposal.
Class BuildAlreadyPending A build was requested when an identical build was already pending.
Class CodeImportAlreadyRunning Raised when the user requests an import that is already running.
Class CodeImportNotInReviewedState Raised when the user requests an import of a non-automatic import.
Interface IBranch A Bazaar branch.
Interface IBranchSet Interface representing the set of branches.
Interface IBranchMergeProposal Branch merge proposals show intent of landing one branch on another.
Interface IBranchSubscription The relationship between a person and a branch.
Interface ICodeImport A code import to a Bazaar Branch.
Interface ICodeReviewComment A link between a merge proposal and a message.
Interface ICodeReviewVoteReference A reference to a vote on a IBranchMergeProposal.
Interface IDiff A diff that is stored in the Library.
Interface IPreviewDiff A diff generated to show actual diff between two branches.
Interface IGitRef A reference in a Git repository.
Interface IGitRepository A Git repository.
Interface IGitRepositorySet Interface representing the set of Git repositories.
Interface IGitSubscription The relationship between a person and a Git repository.
Interface IHasGitRepositories An object that has related Git repositories.
Interface ISourcePackageRecipe An ISourcePackageRecipe describes how to build a source package.
Interface ISourcePackageRecipeBuild A build of a source package.
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