l.c.i.w.ISourcePackageRecipe(ISourcePackageRecipeData, ISourcePackageRecipeEdit, ISourcePackageRecipeEditableAttributes, ISourcePackageRecipeView) : interface documentation

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An ISourcePackageRecipe describes how to build a source package.

More precisely, it describes how to combine a number of branches into a debianized source tree.

Inherited from ISourcePackageRecipeData:

Attribute base The base branch/repository used by this recipe (VCS-agnostic).
Method getReferencedBranches An iterator of the branches referenced by this recipe.

Inherited from ISourcePackageRecipeEdit:

Method setRecipeText Set the text of the recipe.
Method updateSeries Replace this recipe's distro series.

Inherited from ISourcePackageRecipeEditableAttributes:

Attribute builder_recipe The bzr-builder data structure for the recipe.
Bool is_stale Undocumented

Inherited from IHasOwner (via ISourcePackageRecipeEditableAttributes):

Attribute owner The object's owner, which is an IPerson.

Inherited from ISourcePackageRecipeView:

Int id Undocumented
Datetime date_created Undocumented
Method getRecipeText Return the text of this recipe.
Method requestBuild Request that the recipe be built in to the specified archive.
Method containsUnbuildableSeries Does the recipe contain series that can not be built into.
Method performDailyBuild Perform a build into the daily build archive.
Method getPendingBuildInfo Find distroseries and archive data for pending builds.
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