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A Bazaar branch.
Method setPrivate Set the branch privacy for this branch.

Inherited from IBranchView:

Int id Undocumented
Method composePublicURL Return a public URL for the branch using the given protocol.
Choice distroseries The distribution series that this branch belongs to. Branches do not have to belong to a distribution series, they can also belong to a project or be junk branches.
Choice sourcepackagename The source package that this is a branch of. Source package branches always belong to a distribution series.
Attribute distribution The IDistribution that this branch belongs to. None if not a package branch.
Attribute namespace The namespace of this branch, as an IBranchNamespace.
Attribute displayname Display name (deprecated)
Attribute code_reviewer The reviewer if set, otherwise the owner of the branch.
Method isPersonTrustedReviewer Return true if the reviewer is a trusted reviewer.
Text last_mirrored_id The head revision ID of the branch when last successfully mirrored.
Attribute mirror_failures Number of failed mirror attempts since the last successful mirror.
Datetime next_mirror_time Undocumented
Attribute stacked_on Stacked-on branch
Method getLinkedBugTasks Return a result set for the tasks that are relevant to this branch.
Method linkBug Link a bug to this branch.
Method unlinkBug Unlink a bug to this branch.
Method getSpecificationLinks Fetch the ISpecificationBranch's that the user can view.
Method linkSpecification Link an ISpecification to a branch.
Method unlinkSpecification Unlink an ISpecification to a branch.
Attribute revision_history The sequence of revisions for the mainline of this branch.
Attribute pending_writes Whether there is new Bazaar data for this branch.
Attribute pending_updates Whether there is an update job of some kind (mirroring or scanning) pending for the Bazaar data in this branch. Note that pending_writes may be True and pending_updates False if a branch has been unscanned.
Method latest_revisions A specific number of the latest revisions in that branch.
Attribute landing_targets A collection of the merge proposals where this branch is the source branch.
Attribute landing_candidates A collection of the merge proposals where this branch is the target branch.
Method getPrecachedLandingTargets Return precached landing targets.
Method getPrecachedLandingCandidates Return precached landing candidates.
Method isBranchMergeable Is the other branch mergeable into this branch (or vice versa)?
Method addLandingTarget Create a new BranchMergeProposal with this branch as the source.
Method getMergeProposals Return matching BranchMergeProposals.
Method getDependentMergeProposals Return BranchMergeProposals dependent on merging this branch.
Method getMergeProposalByID Return this branch's merge proposal with this id, or None.
Method scheduleDiffUpdates Create UpdatePreviewDiffJobs for this branch's targets.
Method markRecipesStale Mark all recipes associated with this branch as stale.
Method markSnapsStale Mark all snap packages associated with this branch as stale.
Method getStackedBranches The branches that are stacked on this one.
Method getStackedOnBranches The branches on which this one is stacked.
Method getMainlineBranchRevisions Return the matching mainline branch revision objects.
Attribute code_is_browseable Is the code in this branch accessable through codebrowse?
Method getCodebrowseUrl Construct a URL for this branch in codebrowse.
Attribute browse_source_url The URL of the source browser for this branch.
Method getCodebrowseUrlForRevision The URL to the commit of the merge to the target branch
Attribute shortened_path The shortest reasonable version of the path to this branch; as bzr_identity but without the 'lp:' prefix.
Attribute identity The identity of this branch: a VCS-independent synonym for bzr_identity.
Method addToLaunchBag Add information about this branch to `launchbag'.
Method getBlob Get a blob by file name from this branch.
Method getDiff Get the diff between two revisions in this branch.
Method canBeDeleted Can this branch be deleted in its current state.
Method deletionRequirements Determine what is required to delete this branch.
Method associatedProductSeries Return the product series that this branch is associated with.
Method getProductSeriesPushingTranslations Return sequence of product series pushing translations here.
Method associatedSuiteSourcePackages Return the suite source packages that this branch is linked to.
Method getBranchLinks Return a sorted list of ICanHasLinkedBranch objects.
Method getBranchIdentities A list of aliases for a branch.
Method userCanBeSubscribed Return if the IPerson can be subscribed to the branch.
Method subscribe Subscribe this person to the branch.
Method getSubscription Return the BranchSubscription for this person.
Method hasSubscription Is this person subscribed to the branch?
Method unsubscribe Remove the person's subscription to this branch.
Method getSubscriptionsByLevel Return the subscriptions that are at the given notification levels.
Method getBranchRevision Get the associated BranchRevision.
Method createBranchRevision Create a new BranchRevision for this branch.
Method removeBranchRevisions Remove the specified revision_ids from this Branch's revisions.
Method createBranchRevisionFromIDs Create a batch of BranchRevision objects.
Method getTipRevision Return the Revision associated with the last_scanned_id.
Method updateScannedDetails Updates attributes associated with the scanning of the branch.
Method getNotificationRecipients Return a complete INotificationRecipientSet instance.
Method getScannerData Retrieve the full ancestry of a branch for the branch scanner.
Method getInternalBzrUrl Get the internal URL for this branch.
Method getBzrBranch Return the BzrBranch for this database Branch.
Method getPullURL Return the URL used to pull the branch into the mirror area.
Method requestMirror Request that this branch be mirrored on the next run of the branch
Method startMirroring Signal that this branch is being mirrored.
Method mirrorFailed Signal that a mirror attempt failed.
Method getLatestScanJob Get the latest IBranchScanJob for this branch
Method checkUpgrade Check whether an upgrade should be performed, and raise if not.
Attribute needs_upgrading Whether the branch needs to be upgraded.
Attribute upgrade_pending Whether a branch has had an upgrade requested.
Method visibleByUser Can the specified user see this branch?
Method getAllowedInformationTypes Get a list of acceptable `InformationType`s for this branch.
Method _createMergeProposal Create a new BranchMergeProposal with this branch as the source.

Inherited from IHasOwner (via IBranchView):

Attribute owner The object's owner, which is an IPerson.

Inherited from IHasBranchTarget (via IBranchView):

Attribute target The branch target, as an IBranchTarget.

Inherited from IBranchEdit:

Method setOwner Set the owner of the branch to be new_owner.
Method setTarget Set the target of the branch to be project or source_package.
Method requestUpgrade Create an IBranchUpgradeJob to upgrade this branch.
Method branchChanged Record that a branch has been changed.
Method destroySelf Delete the specified branch.

Inherited from IWebhookTarget (via IBranchEdit):

List valid_webhook_event_types Valid event types for this object type.
List default_webhook_event_types Default event types for new webhooks attached to this object type.
Method newWebhook Create a new webhook.

Inherited from IBranchModerate:

Method transitionToInformationType Set the information type for this branch.
Method unscan Reset this branch's scan data and optionally request a scan.
Method rescan Reset this branch's scan data and request a rescan.
@operation_parameters(Bool(_('Keep branch confidential')))
def setPrivate(private, user):
Set the branch privacy for this branch.
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