l.c.i.w.IBranchMergeProposal(IBranchMergeProposalPublic, IBranchMergeProposalView, IBranchMergeProposalEdit, IBranchMergeProposalAnyAllowedPerson) : interface documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.code.browser.branchmergeproposal.ResubmitSchema

Branch merge proposals show intent of landing one branch on another.

Inherited from IBranchMergeProposalPublic:

Int id The tracking number for this merge proposal.
Int source_branchID Undocumented
Int source_git_repositoryID Undocumented
Int prerequisite_branchID Undocumented
Int prerequisite_git_repositoryID Undocumented
TextLine source_git_commit_sha1 Undocumented
TextLine target_git_commit_sha1 Undocumented
TextLine prerequisite_git_commit_sha1 Undocumented
Attribute merge_source The branch that has code to land (VCS-agnostic).
Attribute merge_target The branch that the source branch will be merged into (VCS-agnostic).
Attribute merge_prerequisite The branch that the source branch branched from (VCS-agnostic).
Attribute parent The parent object for use in navigation: source branch for Bazaar, or source repository for Git.

Inherited from IPrivacy (via IBranchMergeProposalPublic):

Bool private Private objects are visible to members or subscribers.

Inherited from IBranchMergeProposalView:

Whiteboard whiteboard Notes about the merge.
Attribute next_preview_diff_job The next BranchMergeProposalJob that will update a preview diff.
Attribute merged_revision The revision on the target branch which contains the merge from the source branch (VCS-agnostic).
Attribute title A nice human readable name to describe the merge proposal. This is generated from the source and target branch, and used as the tal fmt:link text and for email subjects.
Text root_message_id Undocumented
Datetime revision_end_date Undocumented
Method getComment Return the CodeReviewComment with the specified ID.
Method userCanSetCommentVisibility Can user set code review comment visibility?
Method setCommentVisibility Set the visible attribute on a code review comment.
Method getRelatedBugTasks Return the Bug tasks related to this merge proposal.
Method updateRelatedBugsFromSource Update related bug links based on commits in the source branch.
Method getRevisionsSinceReviewStart Return all the revisions added since the review began.
Method getVoteReference Return the CodeReviewVoteReference with the specified ID.
Method getNotificationRecipients Return the people who should be notified.
Method isValidTransition True if it is valid for user update the proposal to next_state.
Method isMergable Is the proposal in a state that allows it to being merged?
Method getUnlandedSourceBranchRevisions Return a sequence of BranchRevision objects.
Method getUsersVoteReference Get the existing vote reference for the given user.
Method generateIncrementalDiff Generate an incremental diff for the merge proposal.
Method getIncrementalDiffs Return a list of diffs for the specified revisions.
Method getPreviewDiff Return the preview diff with the given id.
Method getInlineComments Return a list of inline comments related to this MP.
Method getLatestDiffUpdateJob Return the latest IUpdatePreviewDiffJob for this MP.

Inherited from IBranchMergeProposalEdit:

Method deleteProposal Delete the proposal to merge.
Method updatePreviewDiff Update the preview diff for this proposal.
Method scheduleDiffUpdates Schedule updates of the diffs for this proposal.
Method setStatus Set the state of the merge proposal to the specified status.
Method setAsWorkInProgress Set the state of the merge proposal to 'Work in progress'.
Method requestReview Set the state of merge proposal to 'Needs review'.
Method approveBranch Mark the proposal as 'Code approved'.
Method rejectBranch Mark the proposal as 'Rejected'.
Method markAsMerged Mark the branch merge proposal as merged.
Method resubmit Mark the branch merge proposal as superseded and return a new one.
Method nominateReviewer Set the specified person as a reviewer.

Inherited from IBranchMergeProposalAnyAllowedPerson:

Method createComment Create an ICodeReviewComment associated with this merge proposal.
Method createCommentFromMessage Create an ICodeReviewComment from an IMessage.
Method getDraftInlineComments Return the draft inline comments related to this MP.
Method saveDraftInlineComment Save ICodeReviewInlineCommentDraft
Method linkBug Link a bug to this merge proposal.
Method unlinkBug Unlink a bug from this merge proposal.
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