l.r.i.w.IDistroSeriesDifference(IDistroSeriesDifferencePublic, IDistroSeriesDifferenceEdit, IDistroSeriesDifferenceAdmin) : interface documentation

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An interface for a package difference between two distroseries.

Inherited from IDistroSeriesDifferencePublic:

Int id Undocumented
Int source_package_name_id Undocumented
Choice difference_type The type of difference for this package.
TextLine title A human-readable name describing this difference.
Attribute packagesets The packagesets for this source package in the derived series.
Attribute parent_packagesets The packagesets for this source package in the parent series.
Attribute base_distro_source_package_release The DistributionSourcePackageRelease object for the source release in the parent distribution.
Method update Checks that difference type and status matches current publishings.
Method getComments Return a result set of the comments for this difference.

Inherited from IDistroSeriesDifferenceEdit:

Method addComment Add a comment on this difference.
Method requestPackageDiffs Requests IPackageDiffs for the derived and parent version.

Inherited from IDistroSeriesDifferenceAdmin:

Method blacklist Blacklist this version or all versions of this source package and
Method unblacklist Removes this difference from the blacklist and adds a comment on
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