l.c.m.tests : package documentation

Part of lp.code.model

Tests for the model implementations for lp.code.
Module test_branch Tests for Branches.
Module test_branchcloud Tests for IBranchCloud provider.
Module test_branchcollection Tests for branch collections.
Module test_branchhosting Unit tests for BranchHostingClient.
Module test_branchjob Tests for BranchJobs.
Module test_branchlistingqueryoptimiser Tests for the branch listing query optimiser.
Module test_branchlookup Tests for the IBranchLookup implementation.
Module test_branchmergeproposal Tests for BranchMergeProposals.
Module test_branchmergeproposaljobs Tests for branch merge proposal jobs.
Module test_branchnamespace Tests for IBranchNamespace implementations.
Module test_branchpuller Tests for the branch puller model code.
Module test_branchset Tests for BranchSet.
Module test_branchsubscription Tests for the BranchSubscription model object.
Module test_branchtarget Tests for branch contexts.
Module test_branchvisibility Tests for visibility of branches.
Module test_codeimport Unit tests for methods of CodeImport and CodeImportSet.
Module test_codeimportjob Unit tests for CodeImportJob and CodeImportJobWorkflow.
Module test_codeimportmachine Unit tests for methods of CodeImportMachine.
Module test_codeimportresult Tests for CodeImportResult.
Module test_codereviewcomment Unit tests for CodeReviewComment
Module test_codereviewinlinecomment Tests for CodeReviewInlineComment{,Draft,Set}
Module test_codereviewkarma Tests for karma allocated for code reviews.
Module test_codereviewvote No module docstring; 3/4 classes documented
Module test_diff Tests for Diff, etc.
Module test_gitactivity Tests for Git repository activity logs.
Module test_gitcollection Tests for Git repository collections.
Module test_githosting Unit tests for GitHostingClient.
Module test_gitjob Tests for `GitJob`s.
Module test_gitlookup Tests for the IGitLookup implementation.
Module test_gitnamespace Tests for IGitNamespace implementations.
Module test_gitref Tests for Git references.
Module test_gitrepository Tests for Git repositories.
Module test_gitrule Tests for Git repository access rules.
Module test_gitsubscription Tests for the GitSubscription model object.
Module test_hasbranches Tests for classes that implement IHasBranches.
Module test_hasgitrepositories Tests for classes that implement IHasGitRepositories.
Module test_hasmergeproposals Tests for classes that implement IHasMergeProposals.
Module test_hasrecipes Tests for classes that implement IHasRecipes.
Module test_linkedbranch Tests for linked branch implementations.
Module test_recipebuilder Test RecipeBuildBehaviour.
Module test_revision Tests for Revisions.
Module test_revisionauthor Tests for RevisionAuthors.
Module test_revisioncache Tests relating to the revision cache.
Module test_seriessourcepackagebranch Model tests for distro series source package branch links.
Module test_sourcepackagerecipe Tests for the SourcePackageRecipe content type.
Module test_sourcepackagerecipebuild Tests for source package builds.
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