l.c.m.t.test_branchlookup : module documentation

Part of lp.code.model.tests

Tests for the IBranchLookup implementation.
Class TestGetByUniqueName Tests for IBranchLookup.getByUniqueName.
Class TestGetByHostingPath Tests for IBranchLookup.getIdAndTrailingPath.
Class TestGetByLPPath 0 Test IBranchLookup.getByLPPath.
Class TestGetByPath Test IBranchLookup.getByPath.
Class TestGetByUrl No class docstring; 11/13 methods documented
Class TestLinkedBranchTraverser Tests for the linked branch traverser.
Function make_product_with_branch Undocumented
Class TestGetByLPPath Ensure URLs are correctly expanded.
Class PerformLookupTestCase No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
def make_product_with_branch(factory):
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