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No package docstring
Module branch No module docstring; 9/9 classes, 2/3 functions documented
Module branchcloud The implementation of the branch cloud.
Module branchcollection Implementations of IBranchCollection.
Module branchhosting Communication with the Loggerhead API for Bazaar code hosting.
Module branchjob No module docstring; 9/10 classes documented
Module branchlistingqueryoptimiser Implementation of the BranchListingQueryOptimiser utility.
Module branchlookup Database implementation of the branch lookup utility.
Module branchmergeproposal Database class for branch merge proposals.
Module branchmergeproposaljob Job classes related to BranchMergeProposals are in here.
Module branchnamespace Implementations of IBranchNamespace.
Module branchpuller The way the branch puller talks to the database.
Module branchrevision No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module branchsubscription No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module branchtarget Branch targets.
Module codeimport Database classes including and related to CodeImport.
Module codeimportevent Database classes related to and including CodeImportEvent.
Module codeimportjob Database classes for the CodeImportJob table.
Module codeimportmachine Database classes including and related to CodeImportMachine.
Module codeimportresult Database classes for the CodeImportResult table.
Module codereviewcomment The database implementation class for CodeReviewComment.
Module codereviewinlinecomment Model classes for inline comments for preview diffs.
Module codereviewvote CodeReviewVoteReference database class.
Module defaultgit Implementation of ICanHasDefaultGitRepository.
Module diff Implementation classes for IDiff, etc.
Module directbranchcommit Commit files straight to bzr branch.
Module gitactivity Git repository activity logs.
Module gitcollection Implementations of IGitCollection.
Module githosting Communication with the Git hosting service.
Module gitjob No module docstring; 5/6 classes, 0/2 functions documented
Module gitlookup Database implementation of the Git repository lookup utility.
Module gitnamespace Implementations of IGitNamespace.
Module gitref No module docstring; 6/6 classes, 0/2 functions documented
Module gitrepository No module docstring; 6/7 classes, 2/3 functions documented
Module gitrule Git repository access rules.
Module gitsubscription No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module hasbranches Mixin classes to implement methods for IHas<code related bits>.
Module linkedbranch Implementation of ICanHasLinkedBranch.
Module recipebuilder Code to build recipes on the buildfarm.
Module revision No module docstring; 4/6 classes, 1/1 functions documented
Module revisioncache Implementation for the IRevisionCache and IRevisionCollection.
Module seriessourcepackagebranch The content classes for links from source packages to branches..
Module sourcepackagerecipe Implementation of the SourcePackageRecipe content type.
Module sourcepackagerecipebuild Implementation code for source package builds.
Module sourcepackagerecipedata Implementation of the recipe storage.
Package tests Tests for the model implementations for lp.code.
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