l.c.m.t.test_revision : module documentation

Part of lp.code.model.tests

Tests for Revisions.
Class TestRevisionCreationDate Test that RevisionSet.new won't create revisions with future dates.
Class TestRevisionKarma Test the allocation of karma for revisions.
Class TestRevisionSet Tests for IRevisionSet.
Class TestRevisionGetBranch Test the getBranch method of the revision.
Class GetPublicRevisionsTestCase A base class for the tests for people, products and project groups.
Class RevisionTestMixin Common tests for the different GetPublicRevision test cases.
Class TestGetPublicRevisionsForPerson Test the getPublicRevisionsForPerson method of RevisionSet.
Class TestGetPublicRevisionsForProduct Test the getPublicRevisionsForProduct method of RevisionSet.
Class TestGetPublicRevisionsForProjectGroup Test the getPublicRevisionsForProjectGroup method of RevisionSet.
Class TestGetRecentRevisionsForProduct Test the getRecentRevisionsForProduct method of RevisionSet.
Class TestTipRevisionsForBranches Test that the tip revisions get returned properly.
Class TestOnlyPresent Tests for RevisionSet.onlyPresent.
Class RevisionCacheTestCase Base class for RevisionCache tests.
Class TestUpdateRevisionCacheForBranch Tests for RevisionSet.updateRevisionCacheForBranch.
Class TestPruneRevisionCache Tests for RevisionSet.pruneRevisionCache.
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