l.c.m.t.test_branch : module documentation

Part of lp.code.model.tests

Tests for Branches.
Function create_knit Undocumented
Class TestCodeImport No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class TestBranchChanged Tests for IBranch.branchChanged.
Class TestBranchJobViaCelery No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class TestBranchWriteJobViaCelery No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class TestBranchRevisionMethods Test the branch methods for adding and removing branch revisions.
Class TestBranchGetRevision Make sure that Branch.getBranchRevision works as expected.
Class TestBranch Test basic properties about Launchpad database branches.
Class TestBranchUpgrade Test the upgrade functionalities of branches.
Class TestBzrIdentityMixin Test the defaults and identities provided by BzrIdentityMixin.
Class TestBranchDeletion Test the different cases that makes a branch deletable or not.
Class TestBranchDeletionConsequences Test determination and application of branch deletion consequences.
Class StackedBranches Tests for showing branches stacked on another.
Class BranchAddLandingTarget Exercise all the code paths for adding a landing target.
Class TestLandingCandidates No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class BranchDateLastModified Exercies the situations where date_last_modifed is udpated.
Class TestBranchLifecycleStatus Exercises changes in lifecycle status.
Class TestCreateBranchRevisionFromIDs Tests for Branch.createBranchRevisionFromIDs.
Class TestRevisionHistory Tests for a branch's revision history.
Class TestCodebrowse Tests for branch codebrowse support.
Class TestBranchNamespace Tests for IBranch.namespace.
Class TestPendingWritesAndUpdates Are there changes to this branch not reflected in the database?
Class TestBranchPrivacy Tests for branch privacy.
Class TestBranchGetAllowedInformationTypes Test Branch.getAllowedInformationTypes.
Class TestBranchSetPrivate Test IBranch.setPrivate.
Class BranchModerateTestCase Test that product owners and commercial admins can moderate branches.
Class TestBranchBugLinks Tests for bug linkages in Branch
Class TestBranchSpecLinks Tests for bug linkages in Branch
Class TestBranchIsPersonTrustedReviewer Test the IBranch.isPersonTrustedReviewer method.
Class TestBranchSetOwner Tests for IBranch.setOwner.
Class TestBranchSetTarget Tests for IBranch.setTarget.
Function make_proposal_and_branch_revision Undocumented
Class TestGetMergeProposalsWS No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TestGetMergeProposals No class docstring; 6/7 methods documented
Class TestScheduleDiffUpdates No class docstring; 3/3 methods documented
Class TestBranchGetMainlineBranchRevisions Tests for Branch.getMainlineBranchRevisions.
Class TestGetBzrBranch Tests for IBranch.getBzrBranch.
Class TestBranchGetBlob Undocumented
Class TestBranchUnscan Undocumented
Class TestWebservice Tests for the webservice.
def create_knit(test_case):
def make_proposal_and_branch_revision(factory, revno, revision_id, userdata_target=False):
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