l.c.m.t.test_sourcepackagerecipe : module documentation

Part of lp.code.model.tests

Tests for the SourcePackageRecipe content type.
Class BzrMixin Mixin for Bazaar-based recipe tests.
Class GitMixin Mixin for Git-based recipe tests.
Class TestSourcePackageRecipeMixin Tests for SourcePackageRecipe objects.
Class TestSourcePackageRecipeBzr Test SourcePackageRecipe objects for Bazaar.
Class TestSourcePackageRecipeGit Test SourcePackageRecipe objects for Git.
Class TestRecipeBranchRoundTrippingMixin Undocumented
Class TestRecipeBranchRoundTrippingBzr Undocumented
Class TestRecipeBranchRoundTrippingGit Undocumented
Class RecipeDateLastModified Exercises the situations where date_last_modified is updated.
Class TestWebserviceMixin No class docstring; 8/13 methods documented
Class TestWebserviceBzr Undocumented
Class TestWebserviceGit Undocumented
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