l.c.m.t.test_codeimportjob : module documentation

Part of lp.code.model.tests

Unit tests for CodeImportJob and CodeImportJobWorkflow.
Function login_for_code_imports Login as a member of the vcs-imports team.
Class CodeImportJobMacaroonVerifies Matches if a code-import-job macaroon can be verified.
Class TestCodeImportJob Undocumented
Class TestCodeImportJobSet Unit tests for the CodeImportJobSet utility.
Class TestCodeImportJobSetGetJobForMachine Tests for the CodeImportJobSet.getJobForMachine method.
Class ReclaimableJobTests Helpers for tests that need to create reclaimable jobs.
Class TestCodeImportJobSetGetReclaimableJobs Tests for the CodeImportJobSet.getReclaimableJobs method.
Class TestCodeImportJobSetGetJobForMachineGardening Test that getJobForMachine gardens stale code import jobs.
Class AssertFailureMixin Helper to test assert statements.
Class NewEvents Help in testing the creation of CodeImportEvent objects.
Class AssertEventMixin Helper to test that a CodeImportEvent has the expected values.
Class TestCodeImportJobWorkflowNewJob Unit tests for the CodeImportJobWorkflow.newJob method.
Class TestCodeImportJobWorkflowDeletePendingJob Unit tests for CodeImportJobWorkflow.deletePendingJob.
Class TestCodeImportJobWorkflowRequestJob Unit tests for CodeImportJobWorkflow.requestJob.
Class TestCodeImportJobWorkflowStartJob Unit tests for CodeImportJobWorkflow.startJob.
Class TestCodeImportJobWorkflowUpdateHeartbeat Unit tests for CodeImportJobWorkflow.updateHeartbeat.
Class TestCodeImportJobWorkflowFinishJob Unit tests for CodeImportJobWorkflow.finishJob.
Class TestCodeImportJobWorkflowReclaimJob Tests for reclaimJob.
Class TestRequestJobUIRaces What does the 'Import Now' button do when things have changed?
Class TestCodeImportJobMacaroonIssuer Test CodeImportJob macaroon issuing and verification.
def login_for_code_imports():
Login as a member of the vcs-imports team.

CodeImports are currently hidden from regular users currently. Members of the vcs-imports team and can access the objects freely.

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