l.c.c.t.test_worker : module documentation

Part of lp.codehosting.codeimport.tests

Tests for the code import worker.
Class ForeignBranchPluginLayer Ensure only specific tests are run with foreign branch plugins loaded.
Class WorkerTest Base test case for things that test the code import worker.
Class TestBazaarBranchStore Tests for BazaarBranchStore.
Class TestImportDataStore Tests for ImportDataStore.
Class MockForeignWorkingTree Working tree that records calls to checkout and update.
Class TestForeignTreeStore Tests for the ForeignTreeStore object.
Class TestWorkerCore Tests for the core (VCS-independent) part of the code import worker.
Class TestCSCVSWorker Tests for methods specific to CSCVSImportWorker.
Class TestGitImportWorker Test for behaviour particular to GitImportWorker.
Function clean_up_default_stores_for_import Clean up the default branch and foreign tree stores for an import.
Class TestActualImportMixin Mixin for tests that check the actual importing.
Class CSCVSActualImportMixin No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class TestCVSImport Tests for the worker importing and syncing a CVS module.
Class SubversionImportHelpers Implementations of makeForeignCommit and makeSourceDetails for svn.
Class PullingImportWorkerTests Tests for the PullingImportWorker subclasses.
Class TestGitImport No class docstring; 4/7 methods documented
Class TestBzrSvnImport No class docstring; 1/4 methods documented
Class TestBzrImport No class docstring; 3/8 methods documented
Class CodeImportBranchOpenPolicyTests Undocumented
Class RedirectTests No class docstring; 1/5 methods documented
def clean_up_default_stores_for_import(source_details):
Clean up the default branch and foreign tree stores for an import.

This checks for an existing branch and/or other import data corresponding to the passed in import and deletes them if they are found.

If there are tarballs or branches in the default stores that might conflict with working on our job, life gets very, very confusing.

Unknown Field: source_detailsA CodeImportSourceDetails describing the import.
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