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The information needed to process an import.

As the worker doesn't talk to the database, we don't use CodeImport objects for this.

The 'fromArguments' method builds an instance of this class from a form of the information suitable for passing around on executables' command lines.

Instance Variablestarget_idThe id of the Bazaar branch or the path of the Git repository associated with this code import, used for locating the existing import and the foreign tree.
rcstype'cvs', 'git', 'bzr-svn', 'bzr' as appropriate.
target_rcstype'bzr' or 'git' as appropriate.
urlThe branch URL if rcstype in ['bzr-svn', 'git', 'bzr'], None otherwise.
cvs_rootThe $CVSROOT if rcstype == 'cvs', None otherwise.
cvs_moduleThe CVS module if rcstype == 'cvs', None otherwise.
stacked_on_urlThe URL of the branch that the associated branch is stacked on, if any.
macaroonA macaroon granting authority to push to the target repository if target_rcstype == 'git', None otherwise.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Class Method fromArguments Convert command line-style arguments to an instance.
def __init__(self, target_id, rcstype, target_rcstype, url=None, cvs_root=None, cvs_module=None, stacked_on_url=None, macaroon=None):
def fromArguments(cls, arguments):
Convert command line-style arguments to an instance.
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