l.c.c.worker : module documentation

Part of lp.codehosting.codeimport

The code import worker. This imports code from foreign repositories.
Class CodeImportBranchOpenPolicy Branch open policy for code imports.
Class CodeImportWorkerExitCode Exit codes used by the code import worker script.
Class BazaarBranchStore A place where Bazaar branches of code imports are kept.
Function get_default_bazaar_branch_store Return the default BazaarBranchStore.
Class CodeImportSourceDetails The information needed to process an import.
Class ImportDataStore A store for data associated with an import.
Class ForeignTreeStore Manages retrieving and storing foreign working trees.
Class ImportWorker Oversees the actual work of a code import.
Class ToBzrImportWorker Oversees the actual work of a code import to Bazaar.
Class CSCVSImportWorker An ImportWorker for imports that use CSCVS.
Class PullingImportWorker An import worker for imports that can be done by a bzr plugin.
Class GitImportWorker An import worker for Git imports.
Class BzrSvnImportWorker An import worker for importing Subversion via bzr-svn.
Class BzrImportWorker An import worker for importing Bazaar branches.
Class GitToGitImportWorker An import worker for imports from Git to Git.
def get_default_bazaar_branch_store():
Return the default BazaarBranchStore.
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