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Known subclasses: lp.codehosting.codeimport.worker.GitToGitImportWorker, lp.codehosting.codeimport.worker.ToBzrImportWorker

Oversees the actual work of a code import.
Method __init__ Construct an ImportWorker.
Method getWorkingDirectory The directory we should change to and store all scratch files in.
Method run Run the code import job.
Method _doImport Perform the import.
def __init__(self, source_details, logger, opener_policy):
Construct an ImportWorker.
Parameterssource_detailsA CodeImportSourceDetails object.
loggerA Logger to pass to cscvs.
opener_policyPolicy object that decides what branches can be imported
def getWorkingDirectory(self):
The directory we should change to and store all scratch files in.
def run(self):

Run the code import job.

This is the primary public interface to the ImportWorker. This method:

  1. Retrieves an up-to-date foreign tree to import.
  2. Gets the Bazaar branch to import into.
  3. Imports the foreign tree into the Bazaar branch. If we've already imported this before, we synchronize the imported Bazaar branch with the latest changes to the foreign tree.
  4. Publishes the newly-updated Bazaar branch, making it available to Launchpad users.
  5. Archives the foreign tree, so that we can update it quickly next time.
def _doImport(self):
Perform the import.
ReturnsA CodeImportWorkerExitCode
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