l.c.c.t.t.ForeignBranchPluginLayer(BaseLayer) : class documentation

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Ensure only specific tests are run with foreign branch plugins loaded.
Class Method setUp Undocumented
Class Method tearDown Undocumented
Class Method testSetUp Undocumented
Class Method testTearDown Undocumented

Inherited from BaseLayer:

Class Method make_config Create a temporary config and link it into the layer cleanup.
Class Method check Check that the environment is working as expected.
Class Method flagTestIsolationFailure Handle a breakdown in test isolation.
Class Method getCurrentTestResult Return the TestResult currently in play.
Class Method getCurrentTestCase Return the test currently in play.
Class Method appserver_config Return a config suitable for AppServer tests.
Class Method appserver_root_url Return the correct app server root url for the given facet.
def setUp(cls):
def tearDown(cls):
def testSetUp(cls):
def testTearDown(cls):
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