l.c.c.t.t.CSCVSActualImportMixin(TestActualImportMixin) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.codehosting.codeimport.tests.test_worker.TestCVSImport

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Method setUpImport Set up the objects required for an import.
Method makeImportWorker Make a new ImportWorker.

Inherited from TestActualImportMixin:

Method makeForeignCommit Commit a revision to the repo described by self.source_details.
Method makeWorkerArguments Make a list of worker arguments pointing to a real repository.
Method makeSourceDetails Make a CodeImportSourceDetails pointing to a real repository.
Method getStoredBazaarBranch Get the Bazaar branch 'worker' stored into its BazaarBranchStore.
Method clearCaches Clear any caches between worker runs, if necessary.
Method test_import Undocumented
Method test_sync Undocumented
Method test_import_script Undocumented
Method test_script_exit_codes Undocumented
def setUpImport(self):
Set up the objects required for an import.

This sets up a ForeignTreeStore in addition to what TestActualImportMixin.setUpImport does.

def makeImportWorker(self, source_details, opener_policy):
Make a new ImportWorker.
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