l.c.i.b.BzrIdentityMixin : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.code.browser.branchlisting.BranchListingItem, lp.code.browser.decorations.DecoratedBranch, lp.code.model.branch.Branch

This mixin class determines the bazaar identities.

Used by both the model branch class and the browser branch listing item. This allows the browser code to cache the associated links which reduces query counts.

Method shortened_path See IBranch.
Method bzr_identity See IBranch.
Method getBranchIdentities See IBranch.
Method getBranchLinks See IBranch.
def shortened_path(self):
See IBranch.
def bzr_identity(self):
See IBranch.
def getBranchIdentities(self):
See IBranch.
def getBranchLinks(self):
See IBranch.
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