l.c.b.b.BranchListingItem(BzrIdentityMixin, BranchBadges) : class documentation

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A decorated branch.

Some attributes that we want to display are too convoluted or expensive to get on the fly for each branch in the listing. These items are prefetched by the view and decorate the branch.

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method associatedProductSeries Override the IBranch.associatedProductSeries.
Method associatedSuiteSourcePackages Override the IBranch.associatedSuiteSourcePackages.
Method active_series Undocumented
Method isBugBadgeVisible Undocumented
Method isBlueprintBadgeVisible Undocumented
Method isMergeproposalBadgeVisible Show the merge proposal badge if needed
Method revision_author Undocumented
Method revision_number Undocumented
Method revision_log Undocumented
Method revision_date Undocumented
Method revision_codebrowse_link Undocumented
Method __repr__ Undocumented

Inherited from BzrIdentityMixin:

Method shortened_path See IBranch.
Method bzr_identity See IBranch.
Method getBranchIdentities See IBranch.
Method getBranchLinks See IBranch.

Inherited from BranchBadges:

Method isWarningBadgeVisible Show a warning badge if there are mirror failures.
Method getBadge See IHasBadges.

Inherited from HasBadgeBase (via BranchBadges):

Method isPrivateBadgeVisible Undocumented
Method getVisibleBadges See IHasBadges.
Method _isBadgeVisible Is the badge_name badge visible for the logged in user?
Method _getBadgeTitle Does the badge_name badge have a custom title?
def __init__(self, branch, last_commit, show_bug_badge, show_blueprint_badge, show_mp_badge, associated_product_series, suite_source_packages):
def associatedProductSeries(self):
Override the IBranch.associatedProductSeries.
def associatedSuiteSourcePackages(self):
Override the IBranch.associatedSuiteSourcePackages.
def active_series(self):
def isBugBadgeVisible(self):
def isBlueprintBadgeVisible(self):
def isMergeproposalBadgeVisible(self):
Show the merge proposal badge if needed
def revision_author(self):
def revision_number(self):
def revision_log(self):
def revision_date(self):
def revision_codebrowse_link(self):
def __repr__(self):
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