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Module bazaar View support classes for the bazaar application.
Module branch Branch views.
Module branchlisting Base class view for branch listings.
Module branchmergeproposal Views, navigation and actions for BranchMergeProposals.
Module branchmergeproposallisting Base class view for branch merge proposal listings.
Module branchref Browser code used to implement virtual '.bzr' directories.
Module branchsubscription No module docstring; 4/6 classes documented
Module codeimport Browser views for CodeImports.
Module codeimportmachine Browser views for CodeImportMachines.
Module codereviewcomment No module docstring; 5/6 classes, 1/1 functions, 2/2 interfaces documented
Module codereviewvote Views, navigation and actions for CodeReviewVotes.
Module decorations Decorated model objects used in the browser code.
Module diff Display classes relating to diff objects of one sort or another.
Module gitlisting View classes for Git repository listings.
Module gitref Git reference views.
Module gitrepository Git repository views.
Module gitsubscription No module docstring; 4/6 classes documented
Module sourcepackagerecipe SourcePackageRecipe views.
Module sourcepackagerecipebuild SourcePackageRecipeBuild views.
Module sourcepackagerecipelisting Base class view for sourcepackagerecipe listings.
Module summary View classes for branch summaries.
Package tests No package docstring; 22/23 modules documented
Module vcslisting VCS-agnostic view aliases that show the default VCS.
Package widgets Undocumented
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