l.c.b.branchmergeproposal : module documentation

Part of lp.code.browser

Views, navigation and actions for BranchMergeProposals.
Function latest_proposals_for_each_branch Returns the most recent merge proposals for any particular branch.
Class BranchMergeProposalBreadcrumb An IBreadcrumb for a merge proposal.
Function notify Decorate a view method to send a notification.
Class BranchMergeCandidateView Provides a small fragment of landing targets
Class BranchMergeProposalMenuMixin Mixin class for merge proposal menus.
Class BranchMergeProposalEditMenu Edit menu for Branch Merge Proposals.
Class BranchMergeProposalContextMenu Context menu for merge proposals.
Interface IBranchMergeProposalActionMenu A marker interface for the global action navigation menu.
Class BranchMergeProposalActionNavigationMenu A sub-menu for acting upon a Product.
Class UnmergedRevisionsMixin Provides the methods needed to show unmerged revisions.
Class BranchMergeProposalRevisionIdMixin A mixin class to provide access to the revision ids.
Class BranchMergeProposalNavigation Navigation from BranchMergeProposal to CodeReviewComment views.
Class CodeReviewConversation A code review conversation.
Interface ClaimButton A simple interface to populate the form to enqueue a proposal.
Class BranchMergeProposalStatusMixin A mixin for generating status vocabularies.
Class DiffRenderingMixin A mixin class for handling diff text.
Interface ICodeReviewNewRevisions Marker interface used to register views for CodeReviewNewRevisions.
Class CodeReviewNewRevisions Represents a logical grouping of revisions.
Class BranchMergeProposalView A basic view used for the index page.
Class BranchMergeProposalRescanView Undocumented
Class DecoratedCodeReviewVoteReference Provide a code review vote that knows if it is important or not.
Class BranchMergeProposalVoteView The view used for the tables of votes and requested reviews.
Class BranchMergeProposalScheduleUpdateDiffView Undocumented
Interface IReviewRequest Schema for requesting a review.
Class BranchMergeProposalRequestReviewView The view used to request a review of the merge proposal.
Class MergeProposalEditView A base class for merge proposal edit views.
Interface ResubmitSchema Undocumented
Class BranchMergeProposalResubmitView The view to resubmit a proposal to merge.
Class BranchMergeProposalEditView The view to control the editing of merge proposals.
Class BranchMergeProposalCommitMessageEditView The view to edit the commit message of merge proposals.
Class BranchMergeProposalDescriptionEditView The view to edit the description of merge proposals.
Class BranchMergeProposalDeleteView The view to control the deletion of merge proposals.
Class BranchMergeProposalMergedView The view to mark a merge proposal as merged.
Class BranchMergeProposalSubscribersView Used to show the pagelet subscribers on the main proposal page.
Class BranchMergeProposalChangeStatusView No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Interface IAddVote Interface for use as a schema for CodeReviewComment forms.
Class BranchMergeProposalAddVoteView View for adding a CodeReviewComment.
Class FormatPreviewDiffView A simple view to render a diff formatted nicely.
Class PreviewDiffHTMLRepresentation No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
def latest_proposals_for_each_branch(proposals):
Returns the most recent merge proposals for any particular branch.

Also filters out proposals that the logged in user can't see.

def notify(func):
Decorate a view method to send a notification.
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