l.c.b.branch : module documentation

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Branch views.
Class BranchURL Branch URL creation rules.
Class BranchBreadcrumb Undocumented
Class BranchNavigation No class docstring; 5/7 methods documented
Class BranchEditMenu Edit menu for IBranch.
Class BranchContextMenu Context menu for branches.
Class BranchMirrorMixin Provide mirror_location property.
Class BranchView No class docstring; 24/31 methods documented
Class BranchRescanView Undocumented
Class BranchEditFormView Base class for forms that edit a branch.
Class BranchEditWhiteboardView A view for editing the whiteboard only.
Class BranchEditStatusView A view for editing the lifecycle status only.
Class BranchEditInformationTypeView A view for editing the information type only.
Class BranchMirrorStatusView This view displays the mirror status of a branch.
Class BranchDeletionView Used to delete a branch.
Class BranchUpgradeView Used to upgrade a branch.
Class CodeEditOwnerMixin A mixin to adjust owner vocabularies for admins.
Class BranchEditView The main branch for editing the branch attributes.
Class BranchReviewerEditView The view to set the review team.
Interface RegisterProposalSchema The schema to define the form for registering a new merge proposal.
Class RegisterBranchMergeProposalView The view to register new branch merge proposals.
Class BranchDiffView Undocumented
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