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Module fakepackager FakePackager utility.
Module soyuz Helper functions/classes for Soyuz tests.
Module test_archive Test Archive features.
Module test_archive_agent Test Archive software center agent celebrity.
Module test_archive_privacy Test Archive privacy features.
Module test_archive_subscriptions Test Archive features.
Module test_archivefile ArchiveFile tests.
Module test_archivejob Undocumented
Module test_archivesubscriptionview Unit tests for ArchiveSubscribersView.
Module test_binaryandsourcepackagename Test the binary and source package name vocabularies.
Module test_binarypackagebuild Test Build features.
Module test_binarypackagebuildbehaviour Tests for BinaryPackageBuildBehaviour.
Module test_binarypackagename Test BinaryPackageName.
Module test_binarypackagerelease Test BinaryPackageRelease.
Module test_build Undocumented
Module test_build_depwait Undocumented
Module test_build_notify Undocumented
Module test_build_privacy Undocumented
Module test_build_set No module docstring; 3/4 classes documented
Module test_build_start_estimation Undocumented
Module test_distributionsourcepackagerelease Tests of DistributionSourcePackageRelease.
Module test_distroarchseriesfilter Test distro arch series filters.
Module test_distroseriesbinarypackage Tests for DistroSeriesBinaryPackage.
Module test_distroseriesdifferencejob Test DistroSeriesDifferenceJob and utility.
Module test_distroseriesqueue_ddtp_tarball Test upload and queue manipulation of DDTP tarballs.
Module test_distroseriesqueue_debian_installer Test upload and queue manipulation of debian-installer custom uploads.
Module test_distroseriesqueue_dist_upgrader Test upload and queue manipulation of dist-upgrader tarballs.
Module test_distroseriesqueue_rosetta_translations Test upload and queue manipulation of Rosetta Translations' tarballs.
Module test_doc Run the doctests and pagetests.
Module test_hasbuildrecords Test implementations of the IHasBuildRecords interface.
Module test_initializedistroseriesjob No module docstring; 2/3 classes, 0/1 functions documented
Module test_livefs Test live filesystems.
Module test_livefsbuild Test live filesystem build features.
Module test_livefsbuildbehaviour Test live filesystem build behaviour.
Module test_packagecloner Undocumented
Module test_packagecopyjob Tests for sync package jobs.
Module test_packagediff Test source package diffs.
Module test_packagediffjob No module docstring; 1/2 classes documented
Module test_packageset Test Packageset features.
Module test_packagetranslationsuploadjob No module docstring; 2/4 classes documented
Module test_packageupload Test Build features.
Module test_person_createppa Test the IPerson.createPPA() method.
Module test_processacceptedbugsjob Tests for jobs to close bugs for accepted package uploads.
Module test_publishing Test native publication workflow for Soyuz.
Module test_publishing_models Test model and set utilities used for publishing.
Module test_sourcepackagerelease Test SourcePackageRelease.
Module test_vocabularies Test Soyuz vocabularies.
Module test_yuitests Run YUI.test tests.
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