l.s.t.test_packagecopyjob : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.tests

Tests for sync package jobs.
Function get_dsd_comments Retrieve DistroSeriesDifferenceComment`s for `dsd.
Function create_proper_job Create a job that will complete successfully.
Class LocalTestHelper Put test helpers that want to be in the test classes here.
Class PlainPackageCopyJobTests Test case for PlainPackageCopyJob.
Class TestViaCelery PackageCopyJob runs under Celery.
Class TestPlainPackageCopyJobPermissions Undocumented
Class TestPlainPackageCopyJobDbPrivileges Test that PlainPackageCopyJob has the database privileges it needs.
Class TestPackageCopyJobSource Test the IPackageCopyJob utility.
def get_dsd_comments(dsd):
Retrieve DistroSeriesDifferenceComment`s for `dsd.
def create_proper_job(factory, silent=False):
Create a job that will complete successfully.
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