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Run the doctests and pagetests.
Function lobotomize_stevea Set SteveA's email address' status to NEW.
Function uploaderSetUp setup the package uploader script tests.
Function statisticianSetUp Undocumented
Function statisticianTearDown Undocumented
Function uploadQueueSetUp Undocumented
Function uploaderBugsSetUp Set up a test suite using the 'uploader' db user.
Function uploaderBugsTearDown Undocumented
Function uploadQueueTearDown Undocumented
Function test_suite Undocumented
def lobotomize_stevea():
Set SteveA's email address' status to NEW.

Call this method first in a test's setUp where needed. Tests using this function should be refactored to use the unaltered sample data and this function eventually removed.

In the past, SteveA's account erroneously appeared in the old ValidPersonOrTeamCache materialized view. This materialized view has since been replaced and now SteveA is correctly listed as invalid in the sampledata. This fix broke some tests testing code that did not use the ValidPersonOrTeamCache to determine validity.

def uploaderSetUp(test):
setup the package uploader script tests.
def statisticianSetUp(test):
def statisticianTearDown(test):
def uploadQueueSetUp(test):
def uploaderBugsSetUp(test):
Set up a test suite using the 'uploader' db user.

Some aspects of the bug tracker are being used by the Soyuz uploader. In order to test that these functions work as expected from the uploader, we run them using the same db user used by the uploader.

def uploaderBugsTearDown(test):
def uploadQueueTearDown(test):
def test_suite():
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