l.s.t.test_archive : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.tests

Test Archive features.
Class TestGetPublicationsInArchive Undocumented
Class TestArchiveRepositorySize No class docstring; 1/4 methods documented
Class TestSeriesWithSources Create some sources in different series.
Class TestArchiveEnableDisable Test the enable and disable methods of Archive.
Class TestCollectLatestPublishedSources Ensure that the private helper method works as expected.
Class TestArchiveCanUpload Test the various methods that verify whether uploads are allowed to
Class TestUpdatePackageDownloadCount Ensure that updatePackageDownloadCount works as expected.
Class TestProcessors Ensure that restricted architectures builds can be allowed and
Class TestBuilddSecret Test buildd_secret security.
Class TestNamedAuthTokenFeatureFlag Undocumented
Class TestArchiveTokens Undocumented
Class TestGetBinaryPackageRelease Ensure that getBinaryPackageRelease works as expected.
Class TestGetBinaryPackageReleaseByFileName Ensure that getBinaryPackageReleaseByFileName works as expected.
Class TestArchiveDelete Test PPA deletion.
Class TestSuppressSubscription Tests relating to suppressing subscription.
Class TestBuildDebugSymbols Tests relating to the build_debug_symbols flag.
Class TestAddArchiveDependencies Undocumented
Class TestArchiveDependencies No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class TestFindDepCandidates Tests for Archive.findDepCandidates.
Class TestOverlays Undocumented
Class TestComponents Undocumented
Class TestPockets Undocumented
Class TestValidatePPA Undocumented
Class TestGetComponentsForSeries Tests for Archive.getComponentsForSeries.
Class TestDefaultComponent Tests for Archive.default_component.
Class TestGetPockets Undocumented
Class TestGetFileByName Tests for Archive.getFileByName.
Class TestGetSourceFileByName Tests for Archive.getSourceFileByName.
Class TestGetPublishedSources Undocumented
Class TestGetPublishedSourcesWebService No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class TestCopyPackage Undocumented
Class TestgetAllPublishedBinaries Undocumented
Class TestRemovingPermissions Undocumented
Class TestRemovingCopyNotifications Undocumented
Class TestPublishFlag Undocumented
Class TestPPANaming Undocumented
Class TestGetPPAOwnedByPerson Undocumented
Class TestPPALookup Undocumented
Class TestArchiveReference No class docstring; 1/6 methods documented
Class TestArchiveSetGetByReference Undocumented
Class TestDisplayName Undocumented
Class TestSigningKeyPropagation Signing keys are shared between PPAs owned by the same person/team.
Class TestGetSigningKeyData Test Archive.getSigningKeyData.
Class TestCountersAndSummaries Undocumented
Class TestArchiveGetOverridePolicy Tests for Archive.getOverridePolicy.
Class TestMarkSuiteDirty Undocumented
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