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An HTTP server used to test the DistributionMirror probe script.

This server will behave in a different way depending on the path that is
accessed. These are the possible paths and how the server behaves for each
of them:

:valid-mirror/*: Respond with a '200 OK' status.

:timeout: Do not respond, causing the client to keep waiting.

:error: Respond with a '500 Internal Server Error' status.

:redirect-to-valid-mirror/*: Respond with a '302 Found' status,
    redirecting to http://localhost:%(port)s/valid-mirror/*.

:redirect-infinite-loop: Respond with a '302 Found' status, redirecting
    to http://localhost:%(port)s/redirect-infinite-loop.

:redirect-unknown-url-scheme: Respond with a '302 Found' status,
    redirecting to ssh://localhost/redirect-unknown-url-scheme.

Any other path will cause the server to respond with a '404 Not Found'
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def getChild(self, name, request):
def render_GET(self, request):
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