l.r.m.p.ProjectGroup(SQLBase, BugTargetBase, HasSpecificationsMixin, MakesAnnouncements, HasSprintsMixin, HasAliasMixin, KarmaContextMixin, StructuralSubscriptionTargetMixin, HasBranchesMixin, HasMergeProposalsMixin, HasMilestonesMixin, HasDriversMixin, TranslationPolicyMixin) : class documentation

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A ProjectGroup
Method displayname Undocumented
Method title Undocumented
Method pillar_category See IPillar.
Method getProducts Undocumented
Method products Undocumented
Method getProduct Undocumented
Method getConfigurableProducts Undocumented
Method drivers See IHasDrivers.
Method getTranslatables Return an iterator over products that are translatable in LP.
Method translatables See IProjectGroup.
Method has_translatable See IProjectGroup.
Method sharesTranslationsWithOtherSide See ITranslationPolicy.
Method has_branches See IProjectGroup.
Method specifications See IHasSpecifications.
Method official_bug_tags See IHasBugs.
Method getBugSummaryContextWhereClause See BugTargetBase.
Method searchQuestions See IQuestionCollection.
Method getQuestionLanguages See IQuestionCollection.
Method bugtargetname See IBugTarget.
Method getFAQ See IQuestionCollection.
Method searchFAQs See IQuestionCollection.
Method hasProducts Returns True if a project group has products associated with it,
Method has_milestones See IHasMilestones.
Method milestones See IProjectGroup.
Method product_milestones Hack to avoid the ProjectMilestone in MilestoneVocabulary.
Method all_milestones See IProjectGroup.
Method getMilestone See IProjectGroup.
Method getSeries See IProjectGroup.
Method answers_usage Undocumented
Method blueprints_usage Undocumented
Method translations_usage Undocumented
Method codehosting_usage Undocumented
Method bug_tracking_usage Undocumented
Method uses_launchpad Undocumented
Method _getBaseQueryAndClauseTablesForQueryingSprints Return the base SQL query and the clauseTables to be used when
Method _customizeSearchParams Customize search_params for this milestone.
Method _getOfficialTagClause See OfficialBugTagTargetMixin.
Method _getMilestoneCondition See HasMilestonesMixin.
Method _getMilestones Return a list of milestones for this project group.
Method _get_usage Determine ProjectGroup usage based on individual projects.

Inherited from SQLBase:

Method __init__ Extended version of the SQLObjectBase constructor.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method destroySelf Undocumented
Method __eq__ Equality operator.
Method __ne__ Inverse of __eq__.
Method __storm_invalidated__ Flush cached properties.
Class Method _get_store Undocumented

Inherited from BugTargetBase:

Method getUsedBugTagsWithOpenCounts See IBugTarget.
Method createBug See IBugTarget.

Inherited from HasBugsBase (via BugTargetBase):

Method searchTasks See IHasBugs.
Method getBugTaskWeightFunction Default weight function is the simple one.

Inherited from HasSpecificationsMixin:

Method visible_specifications See IHasSpecifications.
Method valid_specifications See IHasSpecifications.
Method api_valid_specifications Undocumented
Method specificationCount See IHasSpecifications.
Method _specification_sort Return the storm sort order for 'specifications'.

Inherited from MakesAnnouncements:

Method announce See IHasAnnouncements.

Inherited from HasAnnouncements (via MakesAnnouncements):

Method getAnnouncement Undocumented
Method getAnnouncements See IHasAnnouncements.

Inherited from HasSprintsMixin:

Method getSprints Undocumented
Method sprints See IHasSprints.
Method getComingSprings Undocumented
Method coming_sprints See IHasSprints.
Method past_sprints See IHasSprints.

Inherited from HasAliasMixin:

Method aliases See IHasAlias.
Method setAliases See IHasAlias.

Inherited from KarmaContextMixin:

Method getTopContributorsGroupedByCategory See IKarmaContext.
Method getTopContributors See IKarmaContext.

Inherited from StructuralSubscriptionTargetMixin:

Method parent_subscription_target See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method target_type_display See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method userCanAlterSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method addSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method userCanAlterBugSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method addBugSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method addBugSubscriptionFilter See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method removeBugSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method getSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method getSubscriptions See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method bug_subscriptions See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method userHasBugSubscriptions See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method __helper A IStructuralSubscriptionTargetHelper for this object.
Method _target_args Target Arguments.

Inherited from HasBranchesMixin:

Method getBranches See IHasBranches.

Inherited from HasMergeProposalsMixin:

Method getMergeProposals See IHasMergeProposals.

Inherited from HasMilestonesMixin:

Method _get_milestones See IHasMilestones.

Inherited from HasDriversMixin:

Method personHasDriverRights See IHasDrivers.

Inherited from TranslationPolicyMixin:

Method getInheritedTranslationPolicy Get any ITranslationPolicy objects that this one inherits.
Method isTranslationsOwner Is person one of the owners of these translations?
Method getTranslationGroups See ITranslationPolicy.
Method getTranslators See ITranslationPolicy.
Method getEffectiveTranslationPermission See ITranslationPolicy.
Method invitesTranslationEdits See ITranslationPolicy.
Method invitesTranslationSuggestions See ITranslationPolicy.
Method allowsTranslationEdits See ITranslationPolicy.
Method allowsTranslationSuggestions See ITranslationPolicy.
Method _hasSpecialTranslationPrivileges Does this person have special translation editing rights here?
Method _canTranslate Is person in a position to translate?
Method _getTranslator Retrieve one (TranslationGroup, Translator, Person) tuple.
def displayname(self):
def title(self):
def pillar_category(self):
See IPillar.
def getProducts(self, user):
def products(self):
def getProduct(self, name):
def getConfigurableProducts(self):
def drivers(self):
See IHasDrivers.
def getTranslatables(self):
Return an iterator over products that are translatable in LP.

Only products with IProduct.translations_usage set to ServiceUsage.LAUNCHPAD are considered translatable.

def translatables(self):
See IProjectGroup.
def has_translatable(self):
See IProjectGroup.
def sharesTranslationsWithOtherSide(self, person, language, sourcepackage=None, purportedly_upstream=False):
See ITranslationPolicy.
def has_branches(self):
See IProjectGroup.
def _getBaseQueryAndClauseTablesForQueryingSprints(self):
Return the base SQL query and the clauseTables to be used when querying sprints related to this object.

Subclasses must overwrite this method if it doesn't suit them.

def specifications(self, user, sort=None, quantity=None, filter=None, series=None, need_people=True, need_branches=True, need_workitems=False):
See IHasSpecifications.
def _customizeSearchParams(self, search_params):
Customize search_params for this milestone.
def _getOfficialTagClause(self):
See OfficialBugTagTargetMixin.
def official_bug_tags(self):
See IHasBugs.
def getBugSummaryContextWhereClause(self):
See BugTargetBase.
def searchQuestions(self, search_text=None, status=QUESTION_STATUS_DEFAULT_SEARCH, language=None, sort=None, owner=None, needs_attention_from=None, unsupported=False):
See IQuestionCollection.
def getQuestionLanguages(self):
See IQuestionCollection.
def bugtargetname(self):
See IBugTarget.
def getFAQ(self, id):
See IQuestionCollection.
def searchFAQs(self, search_text=None, owner=None, sort=None):
See IQuestionCollection.
def hasProducts(self):
Returns True if a project group has products associated with it, False otherwise.

If the project group has < 1 product, selected links will be disabled. This is to avoid situations where users try to file bugs against empty project groups (Malone bug #106523).

def _getMilestoneCondition(self):
See HasMilestonesMixin.
def _getMilestones(self, user, only_active):
Return a list of milestones for this project group.

If only_active is True, only active milestones are returned, else all milestones.

A project group has a milestone named 'A', if at least one of its products has a milestone named 'A'.

def has_milestones(self):
See IHasMilestones.
def milestones(self):
See IProjectGroup.
def product_milestones(self):
Hack to avoid the ProjectMilestone in MilestoneVocabulary.
def all_milestones(self):
See IProjectGroup.
def getMilestone(self, name):
See IProjectGroup.
def getSeries(self, series_name):
See IProjectGroup.
def _get_usage(self, attr):
Determine ProjectGroup usage based on individual projects.

By default, return ServiceUsage.UNKNOWN. If any project uses Launchpad, return ServiceUsage.LAUNCHPAD. Otherwise, return the ServiceUsage of the last project that was not ServiceUsage.UNKNOWN.

def answers_usage(self):
def blueprints_usage(self):
def translations_usage(self):
def codehosting_usage(self):
def bug_tracking_usage(self):
def uses_launchpad(self):
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