l.r.m.p.Product(SQLBase, BugTargetBase, MakesAnnouncements, HasDriversMixin, HasSpecificationsMixin, HasSprintsMixin, KarmaContextMixin, QuestionTargetMixin, HasTranslationImportsMixin, HasAliasMixin, StructuralSubscriptionTargetMixin, HasMilestonesMixin, OfficialBugTagTargetMixin, HasBranchesMixin, HasCustomLanguageCodesMixin, HasMergeProposalsMixin, HasCodeImportsMixin, InformationTypeMixin, TranslationPolicyMixin) : class documentation

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A Product.
Method displayname Undocumented
Method title Undocumented
Method date_next_suggest_packaging 0 See IProduct
Method inferred_vcs Use vcs, otherwise infer from existence of git or bzr branches.
Method date_next_suggest_packaging See IProduct
Method checkInformationType Check whether the information type change should be permitted.
Method pillar See IBugTarget.
Method pillar_category See IPillar.
Method official_codehosting Undocumented
Method official_anything Undocumented
Method validate_translations_usage Undocumented
Method codehosting_usage Undocumented
Method bug_tracking_usage Undocumented
Method uses_launchpad Does this distribution actually use Launchpad?
Method setBranchSharingPolicy See IProductEditRestricted.
Method setBugSharingPolicy See IProductEditRestricted.
Method setSpecificationSharingPolicy See IProductEditRestricted.
Method getAllowedBugInformationTypes See IProduct.
Method getDefaultBugInformationType See IProduct.
Method getAllowedSpecificationInformationTypes See ISpecificationTarget.
Method getDefaultSpecificationInformationType See ISpecificationTarget.
Method commercial_subscription Undocumented
Method has_current_commercial_subscription Undocumented
Method redeemSubscriptionVoucher See IProduct.
Method qualifies_for_free_hosting See IProduct.
Method commercial_subscription_is_due See IProduct.
Method is_permitted See IProduct.
Method license_status See IProduct.
Method getExternalBugTracker See IHasExternalBugTracker.
Method series Undocumented
Method active_or_packaged_series Undocumented
Method packagings Undocumented
Method releases Undocumented
Method drivers See IProduct.
Method sourcepackages Undocumented
Method distrosourcepackages Undocumented
Method ubuntu_packages The Ubuntu IDistributionSourcePackage`s linked to the `IProduct.
Method bugtargetdisplayname See IBugTarget.
Method bugtargetname See IBugTarget.
Method getPackage See IProduct.
Method getMilestone See IProduct.
Method getBugSummaryContextWhereClause See BugTargetBase.
Method searchQuestions See IQuestionCollection.
Method getTargetTypes See QuestionTargetMixin.
Method newFAQ See IFAQTarget.
Method findReferencedOOPS See IHasOOPSReferences.
Method findSimilarFAQs See IFAQTarget.
Method getFAQ See IFAQCollection.
Method searchFAQs See IFAQCollection.
Method translatable_packages See IProduct.
Method translatable_series See IProduct.
Method getVersionSortedSeries See IProduct.
Method obsolete_translatable_series See IProduct.
Method primary_translatable See IProduct.
Method translationgroups Undocumented
Method isTranslationsOwner See ITranslationPolicy.
Method getInheritedTranslationPolicy See ITranslationPolicy.
Method sharesTranslationsWithOtherSide See ITranslationPolicy.
Method specifications See IHasSpecifications.
Method getSpecification See ISpecificationTarget.
Method getSeries See IProduct.
Method newSeries Undocumented
Method getRelease See IProduct.
Method getMilestonesAndReleases See IProduct.
Method packagedInDistros Undocumented
Method composeCustomLanguageCodeMatch See HasCustomLanguageCodesMixin.
Method createCustomLanguageCode See IHasCustomLanguageCodes.
Method userCanEdit See IProduct.
Method getLinkedBugWatches See IProduct.
Method getTimeline See IProduct.
Method recipes See IHasRecipes.
Method getBugTaskWeightFunction Provide a weight function to determine optimal bug task.
Method userCanView See IProductPublic.
Method userCanLimitedView See IProductPublic.
Method _valid_product_information_type Undocumented
Method _get_information_type Undocumented
Method _set_information_type Undocumented
Method _default_git_repository Undocumented
Method _getMilestoneCondition See HasMilestonesMixin.
Method _validate_active Undocumented
Method _validate_license_info Undocumented
Method _validate_license_approved Ensure licence approved is only applied to the correct licences.
Method _prepare_to_set_sharing_policy Undocumented
Method _ensurePolicies Undocumented
Method _cacheAccessPolicies Undocumented
Method _pruneUnusedPolicies Undocumented
Method _resetLicenseReview When the licence is modified, it must be reviewed again.
Method _get_answers_usage Undocumented
Method _set_answers_usage Undocumented
Method _get_blueprints_usage Undocumented
Method _set_blueprints_usage Undocumented
Method _cached_licenses Get the licenses as a tuple.
Method _getLicenses Undocumented
Method _setLicenses Set the licences from a tuple of license enums.
Method _ensure_complimentary_subscription Create a complementary commercial subscription for the product
Method _getOwner Get the owner.
Method _setOwner Set the owner.
Method _customizeSearchParams Customize search_params for this product..
Method _known_viewers A set of known persons able to view this product.

Inherited from SQLBase:

Method __init__ Extended version of the SQLObjectBase constructor.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method destroySelf Undocumented
Method __eq__ Equality operator.
Method __ne__ Inverse of __eq__.
Method __storm_invalidated__ Flush cached properties.
Class Method _get_store Undocumented

Inherited from BugTargetBase:

Method getUsedBugTagsWithOpenCounts See IBugTarget.
Method createBug See IBugTarget.

Inherited from HasBugsBase (via BugTargetBase):

Method searchTasks See IHasBugs.

Inherited from MakesAnnouncements:

Method announce See IHasAnnouncements.

Inherited from HasAnnouncements (via MakesAnnouncements):

Method getAnnouncement Undocumented
Method getAnnouncements See IHasAnnouncements.

Inherited from HasDriversMixin:

Method personHasDriverRights See IHasDrivers.

Inherited from HasSpecificationsMixin:

Method visible_specifications See IHasSpecifications.
Method valid_specifications See IHasSpecifications.
Method api_valid_specifications Undocumented
Method specificationCount See IHasSpecifications.
Method _specification_sort Return the storm sort order for 'specifications'.

Inherited from HasSprintsMixin:

Method getSprints Undocumented
Method sprints See IHasSprints.
Method getComingSprings Undocumented
Method coming_sprints See IHasSprints.
Method past_sprints See IHasSprints.
Method _getBaseQueryAndClauseTablesForQueryingSprints Return the base SQL query and the clauseTables to be used when

Inherited from KarmaContextMixin:

Method getTopContributorsGroupedByCategory See IKarmaContext.
Method getTopContributors See IKarmaContext.

Inherited from QuestionTargetMixin:

Method newQuestion See IQuestionTarget.
Method createQuestionFromBug See IQuestionTarget.
Method getQuestion See IQuestionTarget.
Method questionIsForTarget Verify that this question is actually for this target.
Method findSimilarQuestions See IQuestionTarget.
Method getQuestionLanguages See IQuestionTarget.
Method answer_contacts See IQuestionTarget.
Method answer_contacts_with_languages Answer contacts with their languages pre-filled.
Method direct_answer_contacts See IQuestionTarget.
Method direct_answer_contacts_with_languages Direct answer contacts with their languages pre-filled.
Method canUserAlterAnswerContact See IQuestionTarget.
Method addAnswerContact See IQuestionTarget.
Method getAnswerContactsForLanguage See IQuestionTarget.
Method getAnswerContactRecipients See IQuestionTarget.
Method removeAnswerContact See IQuestionTarget.
Method getSupportedLanguages See IQuestionTarget.
Method _store Undocumented
Method _getConditionsToQueryAnswerContacts The SQL conditions to query this target's answer contacts.
Method _selectPersonFromAnswerContacts Return the Persons or Teams who are AnswerContacts.

Inherited from HasTranslationImportsMixin:

Method getFirstEntryToImport See IHasTranslationImports.
Method getTranslationImportQueueEntries See IHasTranslationImports.

Inherited from HasAliasMixin:

Method aliases See IHasAlias.
Method setAliases See IHasAlias.

Inherited from StructuralSubscriptionTargetMixin:

Method parent_subscription_target See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method target_type_display See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method userCanAlterSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method addSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method userCanAlterBugSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method addBugSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method addBugSubscriptionFilter See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method removeBugSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method getSubscription See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method getSubscriptions See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method bug_subscriptions See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method userHasBugSubscriptions See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method __helper A IStructuralSubscriptionTargetHelper for this object.
Method _target_args Target Arguments.

Inherited from HasMilestonesMixin:

Method has_milestones Undocumented
Method all_milestones See IHasMilestones.
Method _get_milestones See IHasMilestones.

Inherited from OfficialBugTagTargetMixin:

Method addOfficialBugTag See IOfficialBugTagTarget.
Method removeOfficialBugTag See IOfficialBugTagTarget.
Method _getOfficialTagClause Undocumented
Method _getOfficialTags Get the official bug tags as a sorted list of strings.
Method _setOfficialTags Set the official bug tags from a list of strings.
Method _getTag Return the OfficialBugTag record for the given tag, if it exists.

Inherited from HasBranchesMixin:

Method getBranches See IHasBranches.

Inherited from HasCustomLanguageCodesMixin:

Method has_custom_language_codes See IHasCustomLanguageCodes.
Method custom_language_codes See IHasCustomLanguageCodes.
Method getCustomLanguageCode See IHasCustomLanguageCodes.
Method removeCustomLanguageCode See IHasCustomLanguageCodes.
Method _queryCustomLanguageCodes Query CustomLanguageCodes belonging to self.

Inherited from HasMergeProposalsMixin:

Method getMergeProposals See IHasMergeProposals.

Inherited from HasCodeImportsMixin:

Method newCodeImport See IHasCodeImports.

Inherited from InformationTypeMixin:

Method private Undocumented

Inherited from TranslationPolicyMixin:

Method getTranslationGroups See ITranslationPolicy.
Method getTranslators See ITranslationPolicy.
Method getEffectiveTranslationPermission See ITranslationPolicy.
Method invitesTranslationEdits See ITranslationPolicy.
Method invitesTranslationSuggestions See ITranslationPolicy.
Method allowsTranslationEdits See ITranslationPolicy.
Method allowsTranslationSuggestions See ITranslationPolicy.
Method _hasSpecialTranslationPrivileges Does this person have special translation editing rights here?
Method _canTranslate Is person in a position to translate?
Method _getTranslator Retrieve one (TranslationGroup, Translator, Person) tuple.
def displayname(self):
def title(self):
def date_next_suggest_packaging 0(self):
See IProduct

Returns None; exists only to maintain API compatability.

def inferred_vcs(self):
Use vcs, otherwise infer from existence of git or bzr branches.

Bzr take precedence over git, if no project vcs set.

def date_next_suggest_packaging(self, value):
See IProduct

Ignores supplied value; exists only to maintain API compatability.

def _valid_product_information_type(self, attr, value):
def checkInformationType(self, value):
Check whether the information type change should be permitted.

Iterate through exceptions explaining why the type should not be changed. Has the side-effect of creating a commercial subscription if permitted.

def _get_information_type(self):
def _set_information_type(self, value):
def pillar(self):
See IBugTarget.
def pillar_category(self):
See IPillar.
def _default_git_repository(self):
def official_codehosting(self):
def official_anything(self):
def validate_translations_usage(self, attr, value):
def codehosting_usage(self):
def bug_tracking_usage(self):
def uses_launchpad(self):
Does this distribution actually use Launchpad?
def _getMilestoneCondition(self):
See HasMilestonesMixin.
def _validate_active(self, attr, value):
def _validate_license_info(self, attr, value):
def _validate_license_approved(self, attr, value):
Ensure licence approved is only applied to the correct licences.
def _prepare_to_set_sharing_policy(self, var, enum, kind, allowed_types):
def setBranchSharingPolicy(self, branch_sharing_policy):
See IProductEditRestricted.
def setBugSharingPolicy(self, bug_sharing_policy):
See IProductEditRestricted.
def setSpecificationSharingPolicy(self, specification_sharing_policy):
See IProductEditRestricted.
def getAllowedBugInformationTypes(self):
See IProduct.
def getDefaultBugInformationType(self):
See IProduct.
def getAllowedSpecificationInformationTypes(self):
See ISpecificationTarget.
def getDefaultSpecificationInformationType(self):
See ISpecificationTarget.
def _ensurePolicies(self, information_types):
def _cacheAccessPolicies(self):
def _pruneUnusedPolicies(self):
def commercial_subscription(self):
def has_current_commercial_subscription(self):
def redeemSubscriptionVoucher(self, voucher, registrant, purchaser, subscription_months, whiteboard=None, current_datetime=None):
See IProduct.
def qualifies_for_free_hosting(self):
See IProduct.
def commercial_subscription_is_due(self):
See IProduct.

If True, display subscription warning to project owner.

def is_permitted(self):
See IProduct.

If False, disable many tasks on this project.

def license_status(self):
See IProduct.
ReturnsA LicenseStatus enum value.
def _resetLicenseReview(self):
When the licence is modified, it must be reviewed again.
def _get_answers_usage(self):
def _set_answers_usage(self, val):
def _get_blueprints_usage(self):
def _set_blueprints_usage(self, val):
def _cached_licenses(self):
Get the licenses as a tuple.
def _getLicenses(self):
def _setLicenses(self, licenses, reset_project_reviewed=True):
Set the licences from a tuple of license enums.

The licenses parameter must not be an empty tuple.

def _ensure_complimentary_subscription(self):
Create a complementary commercial subscription for the product
def _getOwner(self):
Get the owner.
def _setOwner(self, new_owner):
Set the owner.

Send an IObjectModifiedEvent to notify subscribers that the owner changed.

def getExternalBugTracker(self):
See IHasExternalBugTracker.
def _customizeSearchParams(self, search_params):
Customize search_params for this product..
def series(self):
def active_or_packaged_series(self):
def packagings(self):
def releases(self):
def drivers(self):
See IProduct.
def sourcepackages(self):
def distrosourcepackages(self):
def ubuntu_packages(self):
The Ubuntu IDistributionSourcePackage`s linked to the `IProduct.
def bugtargetdisplayname(self):
See IBugTarget.
def bugtargetname(self):
See IBugTarget.
def getPackage(self, distroseries):
See IProduct.
def getMilestone(self, name):
See IProduct.
def getBugSummaryContextWhereClause(self):
See BugTargetBase.
def searchQuestions(self, search_text=None, status=QUESTION_STATUS_DEFAULT_SEARCH, language=None, sort=None, owner=None, needs_attention_from=None, unsupported=False):
See IQuestionCollection.
def getTargetTypes(self):
See QuestionTargetMixin.

Defines product as self.

def newFAQ(self, owner, title, content, keywords=None, date_created=None):
See IFAQTarget.
def findReferencedOOPS(self, start_date, end_date):
See IHasOOPSReferences.
def findSimilarFAQs(self, summary):
See IFAQTarget.
def getFAQ(self, id):
See IFAQCollection.
def searchFAQs(self, search_text=None, owner=None, sort=None):
See IFAQCollection.
def translatable_packages(self):
See IProduct.
def translatable_series(self):
See IProduct.
def getVersionSortedSeries(self, statuses=None, filter_statuses=None):
See IProduct.
def obsolete_translatable_series(self):
See IProduct.
def primary_translatable(self):
See IProduct.
def translationgroups(self):
def isTranslationsOwner(self, person):
See ITranslationPolicy.
def getInheritedTranslationPolicy(self):
See ITranslationPolicy.
def sharesTranslationsWithOtherSide(self, person, language, sourcepackage=None, purportedly_upstream=False):
See ITranslationPolicy.
def specifications(self, user, sort=None, quantity=None, filter=None, need_people=True, need_branches=True, need_workitems=False):
See IHasSpecifications.
def getSpecification(self, name):
See ISpecificationTarget.
def getSeries(self, name):
See IProduct.
def newSeries(self, owner, name, summary, branch=None, releasefileglob=None):
def getRelease(self, version):
See IProduct.
def getMilestonesAndReleases(self):
See IProduct.
def packagedInDistros(self):
def composeCustomLanguageCodeMatch(self):
See HasCustomLanguageCodesMixin.
def createCustomLanguageCode(self, language_code, language):
See IHasCustomLanguageCodes.
def userCanEdit(self, user):
See IProduct.
def getLinkedBugWatches(self):
See IProduct.
def getTimeline(self, include_inactive=False):
See IProduct.
def recipes(self):
See IHasRecipes.
def getBugTaskWeightFunction(self):
Provide a weight function to determine optimal bug task.

Full weight is given to tasks for this product.

Given that there must be a product task for a series of that product to have a task, we give no more weighting to a productseries task than any other.

def _known_viewers(self):
A set of known persons able to view this product.
def userCanView(self, user):
See IProductPublic.
def userCanLimitedView(self, user):
See IProductPublic.
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