l.r.m.p.Poll(SQLBase) : class documentation

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See IPoll.
Method newOption See IPoll.
Method isOpen See IPoll.
Method closesIn See IPoll.
Method opensIn See IPoll.
Method isClosed See IPoll.
Method isNotYetOpened See IPoll.
Method getAllOptions See IPoll.
Method getActiveOptions See IPoll.
Method getVotesByPerson See IPoll.
Method personVoted See IPoll.
Method removeOption See IPoll.
Method getOptionByName See IPoll.
Method storeCondorcetVote See IPoll.
Method storeSimpleVote See IPoll.
Method getTotalVotes See IPoll.
Method getWinners See IPoll.
Method getPairwiseMatrix See IPoll.
Method _assertEverythingOkAndGetVoter Use assertions to Make sure all pre-conditions for a person to vote

Inherited from SQLBase:

Method __init__ Extended version of the SQLObjectBase constructor.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method destroySelf Undocumented
Method __eq__ Equality operator.
Method __ne__ Inverse of __eq__.
Method __storm_invalidated__ Flush cached properties.
Class Method _get_store Undocumented
def newOption(self, name, title, active=True):
See IPoll.
def isOpen(self, when=None):
See IPoll.
def closesIn(self):
See IPoll.
def opensIn(self):
See IPoll.
def isClosed(self, when=None):
See IPoll.
def isNotYetOpened(self, when=None):
See IPoll.
def getAllOptions(self):
See IPoll.
def getActiveOptions(self):
See IPoll.
def getVotesByPerson(self, person):
See IPoll.
def personVoted(self, person):
See IPoll.
def removeOption(self, option, when=None):
See IPoll.
def getOptionByName(self, name):
See IPoll.
def _assertEverythingOkAndGetVoter(self, person, when=None):
Use assertions to Make sure all pre-conditions for a person to vote are met.

Return the person if this is not a secret poll or None if it's a secret one.

def storeCondorcetVote(self, person, options, when=None):
See IPoll.
def storeSimpleVote(self, person, option, when=None):
See IPoll.
def getTotalVotes(self):
See IPoll.
def getWinners(self):
See IPoll.
def getPairwiseMatrix(self):
See IPoll.
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