l.r.m.m.ProjectMilestone(MilestoneData, HasBugsBase) : class documentation

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A virtual milestone implementation for project.

The current database schema has no formal concept of milestones related to projects. A milestone named milestone is considered to belong to a project if the project contains at least one product with a milestone of the same name. A project milestone is considered to be active if at least one product milestone with the same name is active. The dateexpected attribute of a project milestone is set to the minimum of the dateexpected values of the product milestones.

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method displayname See IMilestone.
Method title See IMilestone.
Method official_bug_tags See IHasBugs.
Method userHasBugSubscriptions See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
Method _milestone_ids_expr Undocumented
Method _customizeSearchParams Customize search_params for this milestone.

Inherited from MilestoneData:

Method all_specifications Undocumented
Method getSpecifications See IMilestoneData
Method bugtasks The list of non-conjoined bugtasks targeted to this milestone.

Inherited from HasBugsBase:

Method searchTasks See IHasBugs.
Method getBugSummaryContextWhereClause Return a storm clause to filter bugsummaries on this context.
Method getBugTaskWeightFunction Default weight function is the simple one.
def __init__(self, target, name, dateexpected, active, product):
def _milestone_ids_expr(self, user):
def displayname(self):
See IMilestone.
def title(self):
See IMilestone.
def _customizeSearchParams(self, search_params):
Customize search_params for this milestone.
def official_bug_tags(self):
See IHasBugs.
def userHasBugSubscriptions(self, user):
See IStructuralSubscriptionTarget.
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