l.r.i.productseries : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.interfaces

Product series interfaces.
Class ProductSeriesNameField A class to ensure IProductSeries has unique names.
Function validate_release_glob Validate that the URL is supported.
Interface IProductSeriesEditRestricted IProductSeries properties which require launchpad.Edit.
Interface IProductSeriesPublic Public IProductSeries properties.
Interface IProductSeriesLimitedView No interface docstring; 1/1 attributes documented
Interface IProductSeriesView No interface docstring; 8/8 attributes, 0/1 ints, 9/9 methods documented
Interface IProductSeriesSet Interface representing the set of ProductSeries.
Class NoSuchProductSeries Raised when we try to find a product that doesn't exist.
def validate_release_glob(value):
Validate that the URL is supported.
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