l.r.i.p.IMembershipNotificationJob(IPersonTransferJob) : interface documentation

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A Job to notify new members of a team of that change.
PublicPersonChoice member Undocumented
PublicPersonChoice team Undocumented

Inherited from IPersonTransferJob:

Int id The tracking number for this job.
Object job Undocumented
PublicPersonChoice minor_person Undocumented
PublicPersonChoice major_person Undocumented
Attribute metadata A dict of data about the job.

Inherited from IRunnableJob (via IPersonTransferJob):

Method notifyOops Notify interested parties that this job produced an OOPS.
Method getOopsVars Return a list of variables to appear in the OOPS.
Method getOperationDescription Describe the operation being performed, for use in oops emails.
Attribute user_error_types A tuple of exception classes which result from user error.
Attribute retry_error_types A tuple of exception classes which should cause a retry.
Attribute timeline_detail_filter An optional (category, detail) -> detail callable to filter timeline action details. This may be used when some details are expected to be very large.
Method notifyUserError Notify interested parties that this job encountered a user error.
Method run Run this job.
Method celeryRunOnCommit Request Celery to run this job on transaction commit.

Inherited from IJob (via IPersonTransferJob, IRunnableJob):

Int job_id Undocumented
Datetime scheduled_start Undocumented
Datetime date_created Undocumented
Datetime date_started Undocumented
Datetime date_finished Undocumented
Datetime lease_expires Undocumented
Text log Undocumented
Choice status The current state of the job.
Int attempt_count Undocumented
Int max_retries Undocumented
Bool is_pending Undocumented
Bool is_runnable Undocumented
Attribute base_json_data A dict of data about the job.
Choice base_job_type What type of job this is, only used for jobs that do not have their own tables.
Method acquireLease Acquire the lease for this Job, or raise LeaseHeld.
Method getTimeout Determine how long this job can run before timing out.
Method start Mark the job as started.
Method complete Mark the job as completed.
Method fail Indicate that the job has failed permanently.
Method queue Mark the job as queued for processing.
Method suspend Mark the job as suspended.
Method resume Mark the job as waiting.
member =
team =
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