l.r.i.persontransferjob : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.interfaces

Interface for the Jobs system to change memberships or merge persons.
Interface IPersonTransferJob A Job related to team membership or a person merge.
Interface IPersonTransferJobSource An interface for acquiring IPersonTransferJobs.
Interface IMembershipNotificationJob A Job to notify new members of a team of that change.
Interface IMembershipNotificationJobSource An interface for acquiring IMembershipNotificationJobs.
Interface IPersonMergeJob A Job that merges one person or team into another.
Interface IPersonMergeJobSource An interface for acquiring IPersonMergeJobs.
Interface IPersonDeactivateJob A Job that deactivates a person.
Interface IPersonDeactivateJobSource An interface for acquiring IPersonDeactivateJobs.
Interface ITeamInvitationNotificationJob A Job to notify about team joining invitations.
Interface ITeamInvitationNotificationJobSource An interface for acquiring ITeamInvitationNotificationJobs.
Interface ITeamJoinNotificationJob A Job to notify about a new member joining a team.
Interface ITeamJoinNotificationJobSource An interface for acquiring ITeamJoinNotificationJobs.
Interface IExpiringMembershipNotificationJob A Job to send a warning about expiring membership.
Interface IExpiringMembershipNotificationJobSource An interface for acquiring IExpiringMembershipNotificationJobs.
Interface ISelfRenewalNotificationJob A Job to notify about a self-renewal.
Interface ISelfRenewalNotificationJobSource An interface for acquiring ISelfRenewalNotificationJobs.
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