l.c.p.tests : package documentation

Part of lp.codehosting.puller

Common code for the puller tests.
Module test_acceptance End-to-end tests for the branch puller.
Module test_errors Unit tests for the error presentation in worker.py.
Module test_scheduler No module docstring; 3/7 classes documented
Module test_worker Unit tests for worker.py.
Module test_worker_formats Tests for the puller's support for various Bazaar formats.

From the __init__.py module:

Class AcceptAnythingBranchMirrorerPolicy A branch mirror policy that supports mirrorring from anywhere.
Class FixedHttpServer Undocumented
Class FixedTHS Undocumented
Class FixedTTHS Undocumented
Class PullerBranchTestCase Some useful code for the more-integration-y puller tests.
Class PullerWorkerMixin Mixin for tests that want to make PullerWorker objects.
Function fixed_handle_request Handle one request, possibly blocking.
def fixed_handle_request(self):
Handle one request, possibly blocking.
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